Hiding from the sunlight


Tabatha Southey watches the Conservative ads.

Bright light pouring in through the arched stained-glass windows suggests that either it’s daylight outside or an alien invasion is under way. Either way, our Prime Minister is unperturbed. He makes his way upstairs to his office, where, with the wooden blinds on the windows drawn fastidiously against the light, he works from a few tidy files, writing things on papers – according to the closing shot (Exterior: Night, Parliament Hill), all night long …  The message seems to be: One man, and one man alone – entirely alone – can be trusted to protect Canadians from the marauding stock footage that is shown at the top of the ad.


Hiding from the sunlight

  1. LOL my favourite line:

    "I think this is meant to suggest an old-fashioned work ethic, but when I see a man without a computer, I immediately think, “Oh, condition of parole.”

  2. Stephen Harper: Vampire governance, working for ALL Canadians.

  3. Hugo Chavez runs his country single handedly too.

  4. So, you would be as comfortable living in Venezuela as in Canada or maybe you would reconsider that statement.

  5. This is a continuation of the blue sweater ads we saw last time around. Hey Harper is just one of us, a kindly leader overseeing Canada for the good of all his peasant subjects. It's worked for other leaders in the past!

  6. Both of em are wannabe dictators, with grandose ideas about their own abilities.

  7. First!!!

  8. The best part of these ads is that they are going to lead to ANOTHER Conservative government….Ha ha ha ha ha. Enjoy the wilderness, and have a soy latte on me…….lol.

  9. Thank you for continuing to illustrate the way the left has dragged debate into the gutter. Smear and personal attacks…stay classy commies….

  10. Can anybody seriously argue that banning all forms of political advertising would cause any harm whatsoever to our political debate?

  11. I'm going to assume this is satire, because if it isn't…….too funny!

  12. Starbucks wants your credit card number. HURRY! There's a lineup!

  13. I know SH was going for the 'look, I'm a rock in unstable waters' thing, but honestly this ad confuses me. Having the Prime Minister and only the Prime Minister in the ad. Staying late, doing all the work. You'd think he'd want to get away from the micromanaging control freak persona that he has been employing recently. It's such a turn off!

  14. I agree! Election campaigns should see politicians pulling up in trains and speaking from the caboose to whoever is interested enough to come out and hear them — media included. We've all become so lazy. No more image campaigns, or spins on the truth — just some good old-fashioned oratory contests, with ideas and rhetoric and everything. Maybe even a vision now and then!

  15. It kind of seems like he's hung over. Get to work at the crack of noon, pull the blinds closed to keep the office dark, pour some coffee in your favourite Beatles mug…

    Of course, redacting a huge stack of files is not what I do when hung over, but to each their own.

  16. How long has it been since you've seen a caboose on a train??

  17. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not.

    I'll assume you're agreeing with me…'cause I'm vain like that :)

  18. He needs the lights down low, and prefers to work late, since the still-beating heart of Peter McKay loudly thrums beneath the floorboards…

  19. Of course not. After all, at least Harper hasn't gotten his majority yet.

  20. Having observed Patchouli around here for some time, the response isn't sarcastic, it's honest.

  21. "Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more! I admit the deed! — tear up the planks! — here, here! — it is the beating of his hideous heart!"

  22. Literary references in your posts? To quote our most recent inductee into the "Negative Exclamation Point Club"

    "Thank you for continuing to illustrate the way the left has dragged debate into the gutter. Smear and personal attacks…stay classy commie.."

    A pox on both our houses I say! A pox!

    (….wait….that can't be right…can it? ;)

  23. One of the things that bothers me the most about the Conservative party is their focus on one man. Leader worship frightens me.

    Still, to be fair to the Tories: the goal of an ad is to put the party's best face forward. Showing other Conservative ministers at work would not give the average Canadian viewer a feeling of security and confidence.

  24. You know, the doctor-man can do things about humour impairment these days. There are drugs, surgical options, prosthetics…

  25. I actually have a photo of the REAL coffee mug Harper uses — I took the photo inside his Calgary constituency office. Sitting on Harper's desk is a coffee mug with the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT SEAL. So he can put his lips to an American mug every day. See the photo in my Facebook album of our Harper office occupation: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2036135&amp

  26. As far as prosthetics go, this case might well necessitate the removal of a stick than the addition of an organ or limb…

  27. I was trying to figure out a way to work in "rosebud" and have the Mckay/Orchard note drop from the lifeless hand…but really, wayyyy too much work.

  28. Yeah, I was going to say, look at the Tory front benches. Who could they add to the scene that wouldn't make the average Canadian feel worse about the Tories than they do with just Harper there?

    I think most people's reaction would be "I was listening to the PM listing his government's accomplishments and work ethic, and then Tony Clement appeared and I remembered, Tony Clement is a federal cabinet minister! Having shaken that disturbing thought from my mind, I tried to get back to what the PM was saying, but I could no longer get a bevy of comments from Clement's twitter feed out of my head, so I moved on".

  29. Huh. I thought it was one that said, "My wife went to a fancy gala and all I got was this lousy mug."

  30. Second!

  31. Jodie….you are super hot!

  32. I read somewhere that he doesn't drink coffee, so what is really in the mug?

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