Honest broker


In response to John Baird’s trip to the Middle East, Paul Dewar challenges the Harper government’s policy in the region.

“Mr. Harper wants us to believe that grandstanding is more important than being an honest broker,” said Dewar. “His unbalanced approach to the Middle East is harmful to the prospect of peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians…

“The government’s approach is unbalanced when it’s equating a request from Palestinians through legitimate diplomatic channels with Israel’s settlement policy, which is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention,” said Dewar. “The government is now calling for negotiations, but in May it did everything it could to undermine consensus for President Obama’s peace initiative.”


Honest broker

  1. Well we aren’t honest brokers anymore….we aren’t even trying to be. A sad slide downhill for us.

    • Yes, we used to stride the World like Giants. 

      Kool Aid, Kool Aid, tastes great!

      • No, but we used to be respected as honest brokers.

        Kool Aid is what Cons drink….I’m not a Con.

  2. Methinks the world is laughing its a** off seeing Baird in the Middle East, and Harper in Switzerland, posturing as if they’re big wits on the international scene. That is, if the world is even paying attention to them. 
    What a shame, what an embarrassment to be Canadian these days!

    • I think they know we’re probably losing international reputation, but are targeting their message for ridings located in Canada and vote in Canadian elections.  Either way, I think everyone’s pretty happy we didn’t get that seat on the Security Council.

  3. The whole plan, like with climate change posturing, is to think locally and act globally. American presidents have been doing it since the Monroe Doctrine because USA is  big enough and belligerent enough to get away with it. Canada, on the other hand, will find itself isolated by behaving like this.

  4. The anti-Palestinian Conservative policy is an embarassment to canadians.   The Likud Charter (Netanyahu’s Party)  states that Israel will not give up any land west of the Jordan River.  This is just as bad as the Hamas claim to create a state from the mediterranean to the Jordan River.  (Hamas is softening its stance by the way.) Netanyahu and his partry deny the right for a Palestinian state to exist.  The media never shines a light on the Likud Charter though.

    The Israeli Foriegn Minister, Avigdor lieberman, was arrested for assaulting a child, champions denying citizenship to Arabs from other countries that marry Israeli Arabs, and has called for the execution of Arab Knessett members who TALK to Hamas.  Lieberman also promotes a peace plan that ethnically cleanses Israeli Arabs from Israel.  I think people who forward the argument that we Canadians should support Israel on account that we have shared values are quite simply delusional.

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