How do you solve a problem like China?


The cabinet is apparently divided over how to deal with China.

CNOOC Ltd.’s groundbreaking $15.1-billion deal for Calgary’s Nexen has revealed a continuing fault line in the Conservative caucus, pitting the more ideologically driven members who distrust the undemocratic regime in Beijing against their colleagues who want to expand trade and investment ties with the fast-growing Asian powerhouse.

The split has even surfaced in cabinet, according to several sources close to the government. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who has made it a personal priority to build commercial relations with China, has spoken in favour of judging the CNOOC deal on its merits rather than allowing broader political differences to derail it. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney – with his anti-communist roots and promotion for religious freedom – voiced his concerns that China is not a trustworthy economic partner.


How do you solve a problem like China?

  1. Very simple. Separation of church and state.

  2. Let them fight amongst eachother, they believe in free market and competition right?

  3. “CNOOC Ltd.’s groundbreaking $15.1-billion deal for Calgary’s Nexen … ”

    Government should not have a say in this purchase at all, I can’t believe this is an issue for a supposedly conservative government. Nexen is a publicly traded company, it is for sale, and Chinese want to buy. As long as Nexen follows domestic laws, it doesn’t matter who owns company. Canada and China are entwined now, it is long past time Canadian pols could solve problems with ChiComs.

    Chinese are colonizing world and they want to buy Canadian know how to improve their mining technology, techniques, knowledge.

    • We should not be selling any private companies to foreign governments – especially communist governments. I don’t think we should allow our countries resources to be colonized by the Chinese or anyone else for that matter.

  4. Canadians had a perfect vehicle to own companies like Nexen themselves and reap the rewards of directly owning Canadian resources…Income Trusts. The end of income trusts by the conservatives will result in more foreign takeovers of Canada’s resources in the future

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