How much is that cabinet in the window? (V)


How coincidental is it that two of Mr. Harper’s most poorly chosen ministers (Maxime Bernier and Michael Fortier) are now reported to be two of his government’s most egregious spenders?


How much is that cabinet in the window? (V)

  1. That the thing though. Once you get used to first or executive class, going back to coach is the equivalent of being subjected to the Middle Passage.

  2. A lot of it may just be the AmEx agent automatically booking on business class. Blaming Ministers for that is odd.

    On another subject, that of slogans.

    For the first term, it was “Canada’s New Government”.

    Now, it’s “In a time of global economic instability”. Even Scott Reid’s appointment to the stairway to Cabinet has this mantra thrown in. (http://westernstandard.blogs.com/shotgun/2008/11/harper-names-sc.html)

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