How not to clean up elections -

How not to clean up elections

Legislation to fight fraudulent calls is now seven months past due


Thirteen months after agreeing to table such legislation within six months, the Harper government promised yesterday that tomorrow it would table electoral reform legislation that it didn’t review with the chief electoral officer, but the Globe now reports that the legislation will be further delayed because Conservative MPs want parts of the bill rewritten.

Minister of State for Democratic Reform Tim Uppal has issued the following “urgent” statement.

“In our desire to rapidly incorporate recent recommendations made by the Chief Electoral Officer, we discovered a last minute issue in the proposed Elections Reform Act.  Therefore, we are postponing the introduction of legislation. We will take the time necessary to get the legislation right.”


How not to clean up elections

  1. If the Conservatives have to prorogue before it passes, what are the odds it would be JT’s fault?

  2. We should see this promise of legislation as a campaign platform around the time the actual 2015 campaign begins.

    • Once the budget is balanced then?

      • The economy _is_ fragile…

        • …and God only knows what a change in the Election Act (other than an outright banning of elections) might do to send everything off the rails…

          • …a strong, stable government….

          • I’ve been around enough farms to know that stables are often full of shit

  3. Fox Contractors Inc. is promising that it will soon get around to installing the security system for the Hen House …

  4. Any predictions on the inane name that they will give the bill? My vote goes to “Keeping Canadian families safe from illegal voting by child pornographers”

  5. So only Con MP’s are allowed to see the bill?

    • You’re so cute.. you say that like you think there actually is one. :)

      • Heck, it might actually just be a hockey book . . . wait, has anyone actually seen that?

      • Surely you’re not suggesting – mind you, it does seem odd that Elections Canada is being kept in the dark.

  6. Phew … that was a close run thing … they might have come too close
    to letting a good and useful piece of legislation through .. by mistake.
    We’ll never know for sure. Maybe Ivison will tell us ?

    • Given their track record with legislation… highly unlikely.