How to Be a Better Canadian: Visit the Hill

The Maclean’s political editor gives a behind-the-scenes tour of Parliament Hill


Maclean’s presents the next instalment in our patriotic video series, designed to hone your skills, add to your already encyclopedic knowledge of this great country and generally make you a super-Canadian.

This week: go behind the scenes of beautiful and busy Parliament Hill with Maclean’s political editor Paul Wells, whose insider knowledge comes from covering politics in Ottawa for 20 years.


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How to Be a Better Canadian: Visit the Hill

  1. Just another generic 24/7 patriotic bromide, I am a Canadian, not a patriotic one(I don’t have to be, and don’t have any reason to be one), and thank you Macleans for not charging the taxpayers. Can we just get a tour without having to put our hands on our hearts, and please, don’t ask god to bless Canada.

    • It’s Gothic, from about 1000 CE

      It affects the mood and the attitude of the country.

    • The Library truly is one of the most fantastic indoor places I’ve ever been. It almost makes you forget what happens daily down the hall.

      • Mmm trouble is, in spite of all the trappings, nothing ever DOES happen down the hall.

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