How to spin


Last week, the NDP criticized Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu after Mr. Boisvenu suggested convicted murders be given rope and allowed to decide for themselves whether they wanted to live. Pat Martin referred to the Senator using a bad word.

On Monday, Conservative MP Greg Rickford rose before Question Period and reported those events to the House as follows.

The NDP wants to silence victims, urging a well-known victims’ advocate to stop speaking out about Canada’s justice system.

Mr. Martin has now apologized for his curse.


How to spin

    • Yeah, I’m getting sick of people apologizing when they use words that fit, too.

  1. Keep in mind that In the same way that Conservatives are able to raise funds from their base with claims that opponents favour child abuse, the Taliban and prefer criminals to have guns rather than farmers, Pat Martin secures his political future by calling Conservative dinosaurs assholes. He is actually expresssing the sentiments of his constituents.

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