How would Trudeau appoint senators? -

How would Trudeau appoint senators?

‘A transparent, open process that leaves people confident’


The Liberal leadership frontrunner expands on his support for a better appointed Senate.

While saying there are options to the way Senators are appointed by the Prime Minister in Canada—such as the way candidates for federal judicial appointments are vetted and the Congressional screening of presidential appointments in the United States—Mr. Trudeau said it is the “values” of nominees to the Senate that must be addressed first.

“We need to be appointing qualified people, in a transparent, open process that leaves people confident that these public servants in Parliament, that Senators are, are going to be doing right by the province and the country they represent,” Mr. Trudeau said.


How would Trudeau appoint senators?

  1. Shiny Pony needn’t worry about appointing Senators, he’ll never be PM.

    • Oh look! Billy Bob is full of schoolyard taunts and bravado! Such a clever cowboy.

      But it’s hard to say what will ignite voters – have the Conservatives simply been in office too long? Government secrecy? F35s? Concern for the environment? What is it that determines the point when things start to bundle together into notions that sway voters in another direction?
      Does Trudeau have an “X” factor that defies logic? Will he bring out the youth vote in droves? Will the Conservatives open the purse for big, negative, branding ads that have unintended consequences?

      So much to consider…… unless you have the certainty of a cowboy…..

  2. How would running senate appointee’s through the most partisan vetting process in the history of mankind (US congressional screening) make the senate “better”? This guy seems to be not in unwilling, but incapable of addressing the substance of his world view. It’s no wonder Garneau is attacking him on that front!

    As a CPC supporter, I am becoming a bit worried that he might not win the leadership. I was really looking forward to watching him crash and burn during a national campaign.

    • Yeah, if he wins the leadership race it will almost guarantee another Conservative government in 2015. I just can’t see Trudeau attracting blue liberals, I can only see him taking votes away from the NDP.
      I cannot believe how little substance he has had so far. His speeches are little more than him saying the phrases “bringing people together” and “talking to Canadians” as many times as possible.

      • It’s a long way to the fixed election date, no?
        I don’t recall big platform rollouts helping Dion or Ignatieff – too much time to sidestep debate through big $ Conservative branding.
        Perhaps Trudeau is crazy like a fox?

      • PJ, I think you’ll be proven wrong. Many blue Liberals will be quite comfortable voting for a JT-led LPC. Plus, he’s going to attract a lot of Blue/centrist dippers and greens who smell a winner who can defeat Evil Lord Harper.

    • He’ll win all right. Nothing about politics is a fair fight. But that’s the way it is most of the time.

      You were looking forward to him crashing and burning against the senator too no doubt… well get used to disappointment Ricky. While JT certainly isn’t able to fill his dad’s size 15 boots intellectually speaking, he’s showing far more political savvy then almost anyone expected of him. Goofs like you didn’t even think he’d last a week or get beyond half way into the first debate.

      • Just because JT’s personality is more outgoing and sunnier than his father’s does not mean he is intellectually inferior: it may simply mean he’s got better people skills. People have underestimated JT in everything he does, and I swear it’s because he’s good looking! Isn’t that kind of, well, facist (haha)?

        • It’s hard not to underestimate someone who initially avoids content about his policy ideas and actually makes up justifications for not sharing them, and then comes up with this back of the napkin idea for mimicking the worst appointment process in the world.

          This leads me to wonder (in the spirit of kcm2’s other thread above): Is he hiding his light under a bushel or lighting up behind the bushes?

          • I’d be fine if he was doing a little of both; he’s running to lead a party, not an election campaign. I recall the election where SH broke his own fixed election date rules, why that was the one he went nearly to the end before releasing a platform, wasn’t it?

          • Thanks fro that. I had forgotten that that’s what this, and every, thread is really about: the fact that Harper is Evil.

          • That wasn’t my main point, but yes, he is evil and you never seem to tire of reminding us of that fact.

          • I think it will be eternally frustrating to some people that JT often lacks intellectual rigour or consistency, yet manages to be politically successful.

    • How about having a permanent committee in the Senate that anticipates and identifies needs for particular expertise, and another committee,1 member of each official party, 3 of the province(s) with vacant seat(s) , and the chief justice to make sure that the requirements are met and to break a tie? Then let it go to a free vote in the HoC – who becomes senator is not a political issue, so it must be a free vote.

      N’est-il pas honteux que les fanatiques aient du zèle et que les sages n’en aient pas ?

    • for once i agree with Rick Omen, we should NOT vet our candidates for senate through the American Congress. I assume they would be too busy anyway.

      • what with cliffs and ceilings and all

  3. Nobody is asking Garneau how he would appoint senators. Wonder why.

    • Because he’ll never be in a position to do so?

  4. “Mr. Trudeau said “everything goes to pot” if Canada begins electing senators without thorough study beforehand.”

    Somewhere a pimply faced CPC intern is yelling eureka, we got him! There are at least two coded references to pot in Trudeau’s intervew. That has to make it into the CPC hall of shame and straight into a snappy attack ad.

    How bout:…[Son of former PM legend says electing senators is dangerous…but apparently smoking weed is not. Not really there for you, most of the time…Justin visitin’ reality. Is this man fit to “lead” this country?]

    Throw in a couple of hazy clips from up in smoke, and some heavy Hendrix riffs in the background. tada!

    OMG. I think i’ve found a way to get JT the WDGAF about voting gang to vote for him.

    No i haven’t. Some of that gang is inside Parliament right now. i’m just showing how dated i am..what’s up in smoke &.who’s Jimmy Hendrix?? eh! And what on earth is wrong with having a little toke before the senate division bell rings?

    • Hahaha, well I know what up in smoke is, and who Jimi Hendrix is … and I approve of this message. And for the record: there’s nothing wrong with a little toke ever. Unless it’s just before a drug test!

      • Well, lets just say JT isn’t so academically inclined as his dad was? It’s true though, intelligence can manifest itself in other forms than mere bookishness. I deal in a politician if you can combine the two, along with a good character. I would guess that modern day politics very quickly grinds down and spits out that sort – the sort we need. Instead it rewards the yes men and general dullards.