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‘I agree w/ Mayor Ford’


Jason Kenney tweets his agreement with Rob Ford.

I agree w/ Mayor Ford: foreign gangsters should be deported w/out delay. That’s why we’ve introduced Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act


‘I agree w/ Mayor Ford’

  1. There are 3 Stooges…..is Levant busy today?

    Couldn’t Clement have subbed?

  2. The Americans waged a war on drugs and crime which increased drug use, crime and gang violence. Now Harper is wasting billions and billions of taxpayer dollars every year importing this ridiculous policy up here. Crime was on a 40-year decline before Harper began waging a war on imaginary criminals.

    • was that an imaginary shooting in scarborough?

      • Which part of,
        ” Crime was on a 40-year decline before Harper began waging a war on imaginary criminals.”
        escaped your attention or ability to comprehend?
        You do understand what the passing of means?

        • So in your imaginary world Harper was responsible for the shooting in Scarborough ?

          • No
            Harper is responsible for importing failed US policy up here regardless of the fact that, ” Crime was on a 40-year decline before Harper began waging a war on imaginary criminals.”
            That’s what I was suggesting pedant might try and take from Ron’s comment.
            Is it really that hard for you water carriers to honesty interpret what a person is saying without trying to muddy the waters?

          • Progressive hypocrites like yourself will have to explain how the recent nightly shootings in Toronto are the result of any crime legislation passed by the Harper government.
            Please explain which items in this legislation would have caused these young men to fire off 100 rounds in a crowded backyard.
            If you cannot be specific then I can assume you are just spouting some liberal trash.

          • Explain how I have been hypocritical?
            As this was your first accusation we’ll deal with it one at a time and in order.

          • it’s a day later and still nothing..
            I’d not call you a hypocrite, but I have no problems calling you a coward just like Harper and the rest of his chicken heart caucus.

          • A Hypocrite is one who claims to have disgust with the type of careless shooting of innocents that is happening recently in Toronto, but then instead of going after the thugs who are actually pulling the triggers, he pulls an Adam Vaughn and blames the bullets or the sport shooter or in your case ,PM Harper.
            A Hypocrite is one who claims to have compassion for innocent victims but only uses the tragedy to slam his political opponents.I don`t believe you guys have any sincerity.
            Oh, it`s been more than a day and you have provided no specific details from the Harper crime legislation that would have caused those thugs to open fire in a crowded backyard.
            Now tell me again why you think I am a coward.

          • Like I thought, hypocrite means what you want it to mean.
            Opportunist is someone who uses a recent incident to enrich oneself or push ones philosophy.
            Okay one example, if you can follow the use of English.
            1: Tens of millions of bucks were diverted from Border security to buy gazebos for greasy Tony.
            2: Recently cuts were made to our border security folk.
            3: Vic Toews recently complained that illegal transport of guns across our southern border was a serious concern. These guns usually ended up in the hands of gangsters and other violent criminals.
            4: Two policies that make the availability of guns in TO more likely even though they understand that gun smuggling is an issue.

            Da naaah, is that helpful

          • I guess if you think you are more of an opportunist than a hypocrite, then that`s your choice.
            But not a very focused opportunist—I see you have changed your tune to blaming the recent killings in Toronto, not on those pulling the triggers, and not on Harper`s crime legislation, but now you have changed your tune to blame the killings on the recent streamlining of border patrol meant to promote efficiency of commerce movement.
            —Can`t wait to see your next blame-game. maybe you can work in Oda and Flaherty.

          • I don’t think I’m an opportunist, but given your misuse of “hypocrite” I suggested an alternative that would have been more appropriate for the point you were seeking to make.

            Never changed my focus one bit.
            You asked for legislation that might have been a cause of those thugs (and you are correct here) gaining possession of a firearm with which to commit their crime. The recent crime bill and policy initiatives around the G20 summit undercut and reduced border agents at the border in an ideological drive to reduce the size of the public service. The upshot of this is it will allow more contraband to enter this country.
            You seem to suggest otherwise but using your logic maybe if we do away with it all together smuggling will cease to happen. Hey maybe we should sack (sorry terminally streamline) all the Police and crime will stop too?
            As to my not blaming the trigger pulling thugs; go back and please point out where I even hinted at this. Or to paraphrase you, “If you cannot be specific then I can assume you are just spouting some Reform trash.”
            PS Oda has been disappeared by Harper.

  3. The Prime Minister would be well advised to watch his back . .. I smell another Jason Kenney sponsored petition to thank him. Get enough of these petitions together (and who doesn’t think all those names don’t go into Kenney’s personal database and robocall system?), once polls start going south for Stephen Harper he might attempt a takeover.

  4. His Lardship better start packing.

  5. Kind readers,

    Is there a petition to sign to Thank Jason Kenny for being Jason Kenny? I’m ready to sign.

    • Good idea! I think however there should be a petition to thank you for thinking of this!

  6. Does that include Lord Black?

    • Silly Dave
      Being a grown up, not being Canadian, having your day in court, still being found guilty and going to a minimum security prison is no bar to being allowed to remain in Canada.
      Being a child, being a Canadian and having been pressured into confessing via torture all the while being denied access to proper due process, means you’re not welcome here.
      Welcome to our “up is down” government.

  7. I don’t think it’s at all crazy to suggest that non-citizens who’ve committed violent crimes in Canada ought to be deported, so long as we ensure that due process is respected. I don’t think many Canadians would line up to defend the rights of non-citizen convicted murderers to stay in Canada.

    That said, the question is whether or not we’re comfortable with people like Jason Kenney and Rob Ford having a say as to what constitutes due process, and who ought to be targeted for deportation.

  8. Why are so many foreign gangsters born in Scarborough? (and Winnepeg, Halifax, Edmonton, Vancouver, etc., etc.?) Damn you, logic!