‘I have some bones to pick with Stephen Harper’


With Roy Romanow in tow, Brian Topp outlines his differences with Stephen Harper (including the Keystone pipeline, the Canadian Wheat Board, pensions, health care and the corporate tax rate).

In everything Mr. Harper does, in everything he believes in, he is working to make Canada a more unequal society. I think it’s time to go in the other direction. It’s time, in everything we do, to work to make Canada more EQUAL. A Canada that leaves no one behind.


‘I have some bones to pick with Stephen Harper’

  1. So Brian Topp is really good at stringing together a whole bunch of canned, uber-partisan sound bites.

    I’m sure that will contribute tremendously to our national political discourse.

    •  ‘our national political discourse’…?……he’s running for the NDP leadership.

    • Sadly, that is exactly what it takes to do well in our national political discourse these days.

  2. Broadbent and now Romanow – does that seal it?

  3. Sorry, Mr. Topp … I’ll help you out … Mandate ! Mandate!

    Is twice enough ? I’ll throw in one more just to be sure … Mandate !

    Said once on going to bed and once on arising and clarity ensues.

  4. I have NO PROBLEM with an unequal society, you get what you give, as simple as that!

    • Words of wisdom from the white-bread class…

      ‘I got mine Jack, so to hell with you’.

    • “C’mon people now, 
      Smile on your brother 
      Ev’rybody get together 
      Try and love one another right now 

      If you hear the song I sing, 
      You must understand 
      You hold the key to love and fear 
      All in your trembling hand 
      Just one key unlocks them both 
      It’s there at your command 

      C’mon people now, 
      Smile on your brother 
      Ev’rybody get together 
      Try and love one another right now 
      Right now 
      Right now!”

      It’s the only thing I could come up with?


    • Uh, you do realize that the CEOs of large corporations receive the entire year’s pay of their lowest paid worker (or is that average paid worker?) by 9:15 a.m. of the first working day of the new year, right?  How much, really, can they give in fifteen minutes?

      • I agree with you Jenn, but the answer is going to to the tune of “A lifetime of building an Empire.”

  5. 2Jenn

    But you can not compare what a CEO does with an average worker (I do agree that some are overpaid though!)

    But Topp or NDP isn’t just talking about that!

    • Very true.

      The auto worker builds autos

      The CEO runs the company into the ground and gets a $2M bonus….while the autoworker gets laid off

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