If a pipeline leaks in Wisconsin


Enbridge, the company behind the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, makes the news for a minor spill in Wisconsin.

The spill blackened a small field but did not appear to cause major damage. It comes almost two years to the day after a much larger spill in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River and at a time when the company is seeking support for its proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, which would carry oil from Alberta to British Columbia for export to Asia.

BC critics fret. Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey invokes BP. The U.S. Transportation Department is investigating. And Reuters tallies accidents and leaks at Enbridge facilities over the last decade.


If a pipeline leaks in Wisconsin

  1. For Enbridge, when it rains, it pours.

    Interesting discussion yesterday on CKUA (Alberta based-publicly supported radio network) on Sunday Magazine described as:

    “CKUA’s current affairs program. Host and veteran broadcast journalist Ian Gray reviews the top political and business stories of the week, featuring Alberta’s best weekly discussion, and dissection, of politics and politicians. ”

    This weeks panel:
    Former PC Cabinet Minister Rick Orman (including Energy 1989-1992)
    Past President of AB NDP Reg Basken
    Former Liberal Leader Kevin Taft
    Former Cabinet Minister and now consuklatant to Wildrose Doug Main

    Listen to what Rick Orman says about Enbridge (a company he no doubt is quite familiar with) starting at about 8:13 . Her lays this whole Northern Gateway debacle on Enbridge’s doorstep (the current political infighting at all levels arguably a result of poor project consulting/scoping/implementation).


  2. Did anyone notice the media never bothered tearing the layers of meaningless rhetoric away from Premier Clark’s statements on the Northern Gateway?
    She could say NO; she could say YES. It’s one or the other in the end.
    Hey BC! She said YES!

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