If only life was like a video game


The Globe reviews how the Department of National Defence pressured the government to pursue the F-35 and adds this as a footnote.

On Tuesday, however, Mr. Harper announced that his government is reviewing the entire purchase, with federal sources saying the government is hitting the “reset button.”

What does hitting the “reset button” mean in this context? The Prime Minister was asked yesterday about the possibility of holding a “simple, open competition to replace” the CF-18s and Mr. Harper dismissed the suggestion.

Mr. Speaker, the course of action suggested is not what the Auditor General recommended. The government is following the Auditor General’s recommendations and will ensure that this purchase, when it is eventually done, is done in accordance with taxpayers’ needs and with the military’s needs.

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If only life was like a video game

  1. We’d be better off hitting the ‘eject’ button.

  2. Freezing the budget and handing it over to the team who won praise for handling the ship building contracts.

    Sounds like a good step. Make no mistake:

    Canada will be getting F-35s.

    • Funny, what made the shipbuilding contract a success was that it was a open COMPETITION.  You know, multiple firms with competing interests, attempting to submit the lowest bid such that the government gets the best value for its dollar?  Free markets and all that jazz?

      Something conservatives believe in?  (small ‘c’ deliberate, lack of big ‘C’ also deliberate).

      • Nah, this is the only plane out there.

        •  JD April 5:
          “Saying what the plane can and cannot do is beyond silly at this point. ”

          JD April 6:
          “Nah, this is the only plane out there.”

          • There is no logical reason to suppose that JD is the same person from one day to the next, so expecting logical consistency is looking for something beyond the scope of the project. 

            He’s not trying to advance a position, he’s just trying to inject noise and attract attention.

          • Feeding the trolls !!

            There are no other 5th generation fighters available. This will be the first one available to us once its designed and built.

            It will be what we are getting.

          • Cuz specific capabilities don’t matter – just so long as its fifth generation.

          • @097ed107bb26d085218042eea39dceea:disqus 

            I was just thinking, either Mulcair or Rae could snatch up the entire CPC base by promising to buy Sixth Generation fighter jets – 100 jets for $5 Billion – all training, parts, maintainence and taxes in… plus free ballcaps for everyone who wants one. 

        • I hate Disqus.

          anyway, why buy an iPhone 4GS, which will solve the problem you have right now when the mythical, rumoured, [all powerful, stealth ] iPhone 5G will be released, umm, i’m not so sure when, but maybe soon.

          • At a price yet to be determined, with feature changes that may or may not do what you want to do.

        • So then it’s business as usual – with the added expense of setting up new offices.  What about Fantino – his extra salary, car and driver, his new $400,00 office he had outfitted to oversee this project  in DND? 

        • Grrr….Disqus is annoying!

          • It’s long past time Macleans looked for a replacement. Their previous software was much better.

        •  No actually it’s not.

      •  Unlikely we’ll get any fighter planes now much less the F-35.

        And that’s a good thing.

        • JD, that isn’t the best way of phrasing your position.

          • The Americans aren’t rushing or committed to this thing mainly because Chinese and Russia are simultaneously encountering technical difficulties.  The nice thing is we aren’t paying for any of this yet.  When CPC said this we’ve already got sunk costs, as a reason to keep marching…  the spinoffs to date are $350M or something, with costs of $15-30B to go….that is like 1.5%.  FTR this plane is 4.5 gen.  The stealth isn’t great.  How much did Avro cost as percentage of GDP, to develop?  I’m serious, I’d rather just have the Avro now the the GOP, since 1970s, has got nothing but economic retards.  The Americans won’t export 5th generation F-22, same plane but without multi-role, I’m guessing because the stealth works too well.  If we don’t know our threat or fighter needs, wouldn’t it be better to assemble an airforce piecemeal?  I can see tactical advantages to deploying multiple aircraft types for a given skirmish.  Obviously more expensive.  If too many nations rush a plane it is also expensive.  Again, this was a NATO plane to beat Russian and maybe Chinese prototypes, that are also probably losing to 3rd generation planes at present maturity.

  3. should be investing in search and rescue, not fighters

    •  Absolutely.  Search and rescue, and tranport.

  4. There was a competition in 2001 – Boeing x-32 againt LM x-35.  Both received $$$ in 1996 for the R&D from US and 8 allies.  Boeing lost, thus the LM x-35 development went forward as the JSF F-35 with more $$$ from all countries involved.
    Now the only comparables to the F-35 are the prototypes Russia and China are producing.
    Canada spent $1.8 billion up-grading our F-18s so we are good til 2020.  Ausralia is committed to buying 100 F-35s but the delays are causing them to order more Boeing Super Hornets to make sure they have no “operational gap” as their jets are aging.  Boeing LOVES this as the more delays and flack over the F-35s the more money they make and they keep their foot in the door.

    As far as I’m concered we should get both but of course we are a nation of “peace keepers” so military spending is a no-no.

    •  That’s because we need peacekeepers….what we don’t need is more bombers.

      • peacekeeping died in Kosovo.

        Its called peace making now.

        •  For both JD and Leo…..no peacekeeping hasn’t changed.

          It’s always involved peace-making, then peace-keeping, then peace-observing and then an exit.

          Canada is good at it, and we have experience at it….and it’s needed.

          It’s the Canadian advantage, and to want to give it up is incredibly stupid.

          • Right and how does the peace making portion of that happen without bombers ?

            And don’t be foolish. There have been plenty of examples of UN “peacekeepers” INCLUDING CANADIANS being sent in unarmed, with just their blue helmets, and then watching millions get slaughtered.

          •  Bombing unarmed innocent people is no way to make peace JD….in fact for every troublemaker you kill…..50 civilians die. This just breeds hatred.

            And what idiot at DND sends UN peacekeepers in unarmed?  Don’t you think it’s time we blamed someone other than Pearson?

          • Kosovo, Rwanda, Lebanon, lots of examples a lot more recent than Pearson’s time.

            UN blue helmet peace keepers are passe.

            Libya is the new model. Air support for rebels using bombers.

            Multilateral missions sure but no UN rules of engagement.

            F-35 stealth planes would be great in Syria right now. If you wanted to stop the mass slaughter that is.

          • UN observers are about to go into Syria – has anyone even suggested bombing as a solution?

          •  @yahoo-K5XAITELSHKETDEDYIH6U5AF54:disqus

            No, peacekeepers are not passe….needed more than ever now.

            And we aren’t supposed to be spending $25B to drop bombs on Syria.

      • “That’s because we need peacekeepers….what we don’t need is more bombers.”

        Mmmmmm, Trudeaupian Kool-Aid tastes great!

        •  Does it?  Well, I guess you’d know, Pip….even though you have the wrong PM

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