If you’ve got nothing to hide


Stephen Maher connects various dots in the G8 Legacy Fund affair and lays down a challenge for the Conservatives.

“Rules were broken,” says interim Auditor General John Wiersema. “Lawyers could have an interesting debate as to whether any laws were broken.” He said there was no point in further audits. “I’m not convinced that more audit work is what’s called for here. I believe this is now a matter for Parliament to deal with.”

If the government takes the auditor general’s advice and lets a committee look into this mess, we may find out where the money went and Clement may be cleared. If, on the other hand, the government shuts it down, there will be no reason to have any faith in Clement’s competence or judgment.


If you’ve got nothing to hide

  1. Maher writes, “If, on the other hand, the government shuts it down, there will be no reason to have any faith in Clement’s competence or judgment.”

    Did you say “if?” I think it’s kind of charming that anyone, anywhere is still willing to extend the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Clement.

  2. If you ask me, Tony is getting off light if he ends up with a punishment that’s short of a jail term.

  3. Isn’t it now likely that the AG might take another view re: further audits ,now that we know that Tony lied about the involvement of bureaucrats and sought to hide that fact from the previous AG?
    It seems astonishing that only a coupleof short decades ago Tony would have been out on his ass – it would seem accountability has degrade that far. No matter, under this regime even if Tony were to be canned he’d likely pop up again in the senate like the proverbial bad penny – that or be running some farcial shadow economic development board somewhere or other.

    • The AG has already seen all the paper he’s going to get.  Maybe it’s a limitation of the particular dialect of bureaucratise I’m familiar with but I thought he was pretty clear that I he could press or even recommend charges he would.

  4. I don’t understand why the RCMP aren’t investigating.  I’m am not quite (well, almost) that cynical to think they would turn a blind eye to this. 

    • It doesn’t surprise me, considering the timing of the Income Trust investigation announcement.

    • The RCMP can’t investigate without a request from government, which it’s not going to get, or a close enough look at the books for a warrant, which it won’t get either.

      • Really?  They can’t investigate the validity of a rumour, for example?  That seems like a rather ‘above the law’ kind of situation waiting to happen.  Oh, like now!

        • go figure

  5. From now on I will refer to CRAP pork spending in terms of “Clement Units” (CU). It’ll equal 50 million dollars, the amount that Clement p***ed away making sure he got re-elected by his seeming violation of parliamentary rules regarding spending and accountibility.

    It will be as a measure of the relative merits of questionable spending/cutting, as in the new fighter will cost approximately 3 CU’s, the elimination of the per vote subsidy will save .5 CU’s, etc.

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