Iggy the Plumber


Missed this earlier.

He said Canada has a leak in the pipes, and that the country needs a plumber to fix it.

Ignatieff said he was “touched, to think that I could be a plumber for Canada. I take that as a compliment.”

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Iggy the Plumber

  1. Is he licensed? Is he actually named Iggy? When will he be embarking for Israel to cover the conflict there?

  2. no sure it’s a good idea for him to make a habit of telling folks he’s touched. On the other hand he does seem to have the denial stuff down pat. Maybe he is ready for the big time?

  3. Canada already has a plumber. His name is Mats Sundin and he plays for the Vancouver Canucks.

  4. It sure beats the way Stephane Dion characterized plumbers during a speech on immigration during the recent election. Apparently, according to Iggy’s predecessor, there are two types of immigrants: PhD’s and plumbers.

  5. I would imagine that Ignatieff was secretly appalled by the plumber analogy, but decided to display a little faux humility to show solidarity with the blue-collar folk.

    But that’s just my imagination. For all I know, the Count really was being sincere.

    • But that’s just my imagination. For all I know, the Count really was being sincere.

      He’s been called worse things….by me, for one.

      • But has he ever been called something as nasty as ….. sincere ??

  6. Has anyone told Joe the Plumber? I understand he’s in the Middle East right now, but he might find this gig a bit safer!

  7. Well if you are standing knee deep in manure then it is probably quite usefull to have some skills in this area. Word of advice to Iggy sh*t happens and then it flows down hill.

    • The reall skill is finding someone else to stand in the manure for you, while you give direction; from uphill, of course.

      • …and upwind…

        • In the Internet Business we call it upstream is the place to be as when you relieve the pressure the problems go downstream.

  8. Okay, so, we’ve got another case of over-analysis of someone’s statement.

    Mr. Wherry – you seem to have a strange obsession with Iggy.