‘I’m sure many of us will not forget it’


Police have confirmed that the foot and hand were mailed from Montreal. The Gazette reports that police believe the body parts in Ottawa are linked to a torso in Montreal. The Citizen reports an arrest could be made in a matter of hours.

Conservative staff are understandably traumatized.


‘I’m sure many of us will not forget it’

  1. Who’s going to receive head? Hope its not me. I won’t be opening any boxes until I know where the head is.

    Cerys Mathews ~ I Am The Mob:

    I put horse’s heads in people’s beds
    Cause I am the mob
    When duty calls, gonna bust some balls
    Cause I am the mob

    I try my level best to please
    But I’m gonna put a bullet between your knees
    Baby come on, just please tell them
    That Luca Brasi ah, he sleeps with the fishes
    I am the mob

    • I liked that album.

      • yes, it is terrific album.

  2. Has anyone said if there was a message with these deliveries?

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