Important reminder: The Prime Minister is not a certified auditor

‘In terms of Senator Wallin, I have looked at the numbers’


Pesky observers continue to recall that in February the Prime Minister stood in the House and said the following.

In terms of Senator Wallin, I have looked at the numbers. Her travel costs are comparable to any parliamentarian travelling from that particular area of the country over that period of time. For instance, last year Senator Wallin spent almost half of her time in the province she represents in the Senate. The costs are to travel to and from that province, as any similar parliamentarian would do.

On that day it was being reported that Ms. Wallin’s expenses were possibly in doubt.

Of course, two weeks later, the PMO would clarify that the Prime Minister’s analysis was rather shallow.

Of all the things the Prime Minister has said since the affairs of the Senate came into question, this is perhaps among the least advisable. Though this statement might still be more problematic.


Important reminder: The Prime Minister is not a certified auditor

  1. On Power and Politics on Monday, Stephane Dion tried to ask questions about the prime minister’s role, and why he isn’t saying anything to Canadians about this debacle. I can see that media are moving towards asking some questions of him, or at least implying he’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

    I would like to hear from harper. I think he owes us a few answers, and also that he needs to step up and take some responsibility for this expense fiasco. Why did he defend Wallin’s expenses without really knowing? Why did he say he didn’t know anything about Wright, when clearly he did? Why is he stacking the Senate with uber-partisans instead of real Canadians who have done great work and still manage to live in the province they represent?

    Frankly, this is ALL about harper, and being obstinate and refusing to speak isn’t going to help him out, or help us understand why he took us down this garden path.

    • You’re right. Why is Harper the first PM in Canadian history to stack the Senate with uber-partisans? WHY?

      • especially since he rode into town on a vow to put an end to such practices.

      • No one will appreciate your sarcasm.

  2. why would anyone think harper is able to audit to start with. the man cant even finish a hockey book he(harper) has been talking about the last 10 years(apparently, he has ghost writers writng his hockey book)(he, harper is too incompedant). what does that tell you about this guys abilities. anyone can be a PM with 1500 staff circling around your bubble all the time. a real man or PM if that’s what this guy wants to be called, answers questions, and tells the truth. this guy(harper), don’t have any B###s.

  3. The media tends to focus on Wallin and Duffy while Harper has managed to float free above the fray. Some scandal stories on poor Pamela and Mike don’t even mention Harper.
    Harper hired the two to act as celebrity lackeys hauling in votes and cash as they roamed the country.Their jobs were a distortion of what any citizen would think of as public service.
    And luckily he got two suckers whose sense of self worth was easily cashed in for a Senate salary and future pension. But sadly not as bright as their outstanding TV careers might have suggested. Poor Harper a couple of empty caricatures carrying the party brand and fortunes.

    • ‘Harper hired the two to act as celebrity lackeys hauling in votes and cash as they roamed the country.’

      True, and they did exactly what he wanted them to do….they were partisan to the max, and persuaded a lot of people to vote Con.

      And now they continue to get him lots of publicity….just not quite the way he envisioned.

  4. With a Bachelor’s degree in economics he will have had more than sufficient financial training to understand financial statements, filings, audits, etc.

    • what planet do you live on amiableCDN ? harper will have to answer a lot of these questions truthfully when he faces Justin and tom in an election debate in 2015. as far as I know, J T is waiting for that debate in 2015, and that Canadian taxpayer will then look in harper eyes, and see nothing but lies.

      • nothing in past history says Harper will have to answer truthfully.

      • Hard to know what will happen in 2015. People predicted Harper could be in big trouble in 2011 and he survived that election quite easily and won even bigger. He might do so again in 2015.

    • Actually, I believe he has a Master’s Degree. But of course that’s not an accounting designation of any sort.

  5. As someone who believes himself to be the smartest man in the room, he has frequently made assertions that were found to be howlers. This one is merely the latest in a series of times where Stephen Harper has assumed the mantle of expert; here’s a sampling

    – Economist: If there was a recession we would have had it by now
    – Nuclear Safety (CNSC / Linda Keen affair) – his assertions on safety
    – Private Investigator: “Looked into” the Cadman bribery allegations and found nothing
    – Parliamentary practice (can coalitions form governments)
    – Defence procurement “we have a signed contract”

    • -Keystone pipeline – no brainer.

  6. 5 posts on Pamela Wallin’s audit & counting.

    0 posts on Mac Harb’s audit and (now second) RCMP investigation for expense fraud that was roughly double what Wallin’s was.

    Bang up job, “Parliamentary Reporter“.

    • Presumably, Harb will get his day in the sun (especially The Sun) when the cops and the auditors are done rummaging through his financial affairs.

      Be patient and stay tuned.

      • Probably nothing until the police charge him (or not). I’m placing serious money on the former.

    • And nothing on Bruce Carson – last news, he had his trial postponed because of a (cough) health problem. I demand updates even if there is nothing new to report.

      • Unfortunately the good Mr. Carson faces examination
        on the least interesting aspect of his history.

        • I will take a conviction of anything at this point. :-)

    • Well actually this post is about how Harper defended her.

      As I have already explained to you, it is news when the PM raises money on the issue of how the senate is abused by the PM for partisan purposes, makes senate reform part of his platform, then proceeds to use the senate for partisan purposes, then discovers one of his appointees is suspected of fraud and yet gets up in the House of Commons and says he saw her books and she is AOK.

      Harper is the story – not Wallin.

    • You seem to forget that the Harb matter is relatively small. It’s not the amounts that are the issue – it’s the involvement of the players and the factors involved. Harb was not appointed by the Prime Minister or by any of the current leaders. Wallin & Duffy were. Harb was not secretly given a $90,000 payment by the PM’s Chief of Staff. Duffy was. Focusing on Harb is just a distraction from the main issue.

      • Liberal Kool-Aid tastes great!

  7. Canada didn’t get to be the best country in the world and the place most people want to live without good government, that of the current Conservatives. They are the ones who campaigned on senate reform a decade ago but the other parties were against it, so, “if you can’t lick ’em, join ’em” and that’s why Wallin and Duffy were appointed. We are talking about a couple hundred grand here, not the $1billion in penalties we paid for Chretien cancelling the old helicopter procurement. Give us a break you whiners.

    • I knew we would eventually see some conservatives claiming Wallin, Duffy and Brazeau were all part of Clever Harper’s Master Plan.

      No one has ever been against senate reform, by the way. What other parties are against is reopening the constitution – for good reason. Harper was either not smart enough to know that senate reform requires constitutional amendments, or he was not honest with people when he claimed he could impose reform without reopening the constitution.

      If the SCC rules against him I guess he can blame liberal judges for blocking senate reform…