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The Financial Times has posted a transcript—more than 9,000 words in all—of the Prime Minister’s discussion with editors there.


In full

  1. Wow. Thanks for the link. A lot of meat there.

  2. from the transcripts:“Five, six years ago I’m sure there’d be lots of people saying, well, look at Canada, you’re over-regulated
    Yes, Mr. Harper, and you were one of them

    • And if you kept reading you’d find out that he still thinks we’re over-regulated:

      “There are areas where we probably over-regulate but, by and large, we didn’t lose sight of the fundamental institutional structures that some markets require.”

  3. Thank you for posting the interview in its entirety so that one can form one’s own opinion. Very often when I read reporters’ take on something that I’ve read or listened to, I find it scewed. I have pretty much given up on the media to represent our Prime Minister fairly. Their motto seems to be, ‘if you can’t say anything negative about him, don’t say anything at all”.

    How can anyone, after reading this whole transcript, not be impressed with our Prime Minister and his ability to explain clearly and answer questions fully?

    • “I have pretty much given up on the media to represent our Prime Minister fairly.”

      Bettie! You are so right! Harper has always hated those cheap, sleazy, little Canadian media whores and sluts! That cute American Fox News hottie looks great on Harper’s arm though doesn’t she!? Of course Harper would rather boink a Sarah Palin look-alike than read Margaret Atwood! Who wouldn’t?

      Your BFF,

      Miley Cyrus

      [Please excuse me for mocking you directly Bettie; it’s just your post struck me as a further confirmation of the ‘Harper is so shallow . . . Paris Hilton won’t return his phone calls’ theme.]

      • Huh??? Talk about a non sequator. No apologies necessary for ‘mocking me’. I didn’t take it as mocking… just babbling. And I’m not mocking you… just can’t make any sense of your reply.

  4. Wow – thanks for the link to the interview in full : I think the PM sure had a lot to say and thorough as well he was definitely on his game here. No doubt about it – way to go stevie some real nuggets in this one.

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