In his spare time


Michael Ignatieff reviews Leslie Gelb’s new book in the Times.

Talk of Bretton Woods II may be overambitious, but some new global architecture of financial regulation and oversight, or at least more effective coordination of national regulation, is going to be necessary once we touch bottom in this financial crisis. American financial misrule may have gotten us into this mess, but it will be American leadership that will have to dig us out, with the help of solvent allies with good banking systems, like Canada’s, among others.


In his spare time

  1. I, for one, think it would be a shame if anything were to impinge on Iggy’s time, that could prevent him from writing book reviews in foreign newspapers for years to come.

  2. I think it would be more shameful to deny Stephen Harper the time and rationale to finish that long-discussed hockey book. Afterall, his ghost writer John Howard has been available for nearly a year now…

    • The book promises to be spectre-tacular !

    • And perhaps Iggy will have time to review the much-anticipated-hockey-book. BTW the rumour that Don Cherry was offered a seat in the senate in exchange for writing the Intro in ‘The Harper Hockey Book’ are untrue.

  3. It’s probably very and I mean very wise for Iggy to keep a plan B job wise that is.

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