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Post, Star, CTV and CBC are all making prominent mention at this hour of the Prime Minister’s comments, broadcast on CNN today, that the Afghan insurgency cannot be defeated.

The significance of those comments aside, note that the Prime Minister was broadcast saying the exact same thing on the exact same American news network ten days ago.

(Granted, Ottawa was rather preoccupied that day. But then the Prime Minister’s observation was rebroadcast two days later as part of a full interview with Wolf Blitzer on Feb. 21.)


In other “news”

    • Canada’s ‘candid’ PM? They obviously don’t know Stephen! At least, I wish Harper would be candid with Canadians a little more often.

  1. Watched to Zacharia interview and was pleased to hear Harper agreeing with Obama. Not surprised, but pleased nonetheless.

    “I am absolutely convinced that you cannot solve the problem of Afghanistan – the Taliban, the spread of extremism in that region – solely through military means,” Obama told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

    — David Jackson, USA Today February 18, 2009

  2. Sort of a unique manifestation of bi-polar disorder…can only tell the truth on US TV. Seriously, what’s up with that? How bloody hard is it to speak honestly to thru the domestic media to Canadians? Instead, we get the bluster and drivel treatment.

    What a waste.

  3. Taliban lover.

  4. In other other news, Canadians will be glad to know that the current economic problems in Canada aren’t really all that serious, and we shouldn’t worry much. I mean, sure, we’re experiencing a “cyclical downturn, but nothing that requires major government intervention”.

    And thank God. I had assumed that we were facing the same economic troubles as the rest of the planet, and that the government would need to go into tens of billions of dollars in deficit to help us through.

    Bullet dodged.

  5. I note he claims that he reached this new position after studing the history of the country.

    Know what would really be a good idea? Political leaders who study the history of a country BEFORE they decide on military policy, and not 6+ years after the fact.

  6. The following seems true to me folks = (from the Wall St. Journal) What would seem to set Mr. Harper apart from numerous other NATO leaders is that he cares deeply about achieving results. But he is no Pollyanna. “We are not going to ‘defeat’ the insurgency. The best we can do is train the Afghans so that they are able to manage the insurgency themselves and create, not a Western liberal democracy, because Afghanistan is not going to look like that any time soon, but at least a government that has some democratic and rule-of-law norms that is moving in a positive direction.”

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