Innocent until, and even after, proven guilty


New Democrat MP Mathieu Ravignat asked yesterday whether the government would be pursuing the Conservative Party of Canada for the rebates it received as part of the In-and-Out scheme. Pierre Poilievre answered for the government.

Mr. Speaker, I thought the honourable member was rising today to apologize on behalf of the NDP. Just last week the NDP had to admit that it broke the Canadian election law, that it violated the law in attempting to use the power of the political donation tax credit in order to fund a third party organization. It did so in violation of the law. It has now had to admit it. On this side of the House, every single Conservative accused of wrongdoing has now been cleared. We are very pleased with the outcome. We will continue to stand by the fact that we followed all the rules.

In the case of the NDP’s violation—offering the party as a conduit for donations to the Broadbent Institute in Jack Layton’s memory—the commissioner of Elections Canada has confirmed that all improper donations were returned by the party.


Innocent until, and even after, proven guilty

  1. Paging Comrade Ogilvy.

  2. I blame adscam.  What the past 20 years have shown is that wrongdoing is not punished, admitting to wrongdoing is punished.

  3. The first step to rehabilitation is to admit that you did something wrong.  Or at least that’s what our justice system expects of other offenders before they are eligible for parole.

  4. “On this side of the House, every single Conservative accused of wrongdoing has now been cleared.”

    This is a blatent lie.  The Conservative Party pled guilty and paid the maximum penalty to spare the people involved in the in-and-out scheme from jail time.  In what fantasyland does this equate with being cleared?

    • In the fantasyland otherwise known as the Conservative caucus. After these guys are through someone really ought to add an epilogue to Orwell’s 1984.

  5. The sad conclusion is that there’s little difference between the Reform-Cons and the arrogant, corrupt, scandal-wracked villains they righteously vowed to upend when they rode in from the west many years ago. What was the name of that movie…The Magnificent Seven Stephen?

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