Inside Karina Gould’s first day as a minister on Parliament Hill

Peter Bregg captures the 29-year-old Gould’s first hectic day in the spotlight as democratic institutions minister

7:12 a.m.

Karina Gould was an MP for barely over a year before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tapped her to replace Maryam Monsef as his minister of democratic institutions. Yesterday, a few weeks after her swearing-in, Gould returned to Parliament Hill for the first time with the rest of her colleagues in the House of Commons.

The day started like any other: with 25 minutes on an exercise bike. Soon after, Gould’s new life as a cabinet minister took over. Photographer Peter Bregg secured inside access to her whole day, capturing on camera everything from that early-morning exercise routine to briefings with staff, the swearing-in of her parliamentary secretary, her first question period as a minister, a brief coffee break, an evening with Girl Guides Canada—and eventually a return home. Follow along in the photo gallery above.

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Inside Karina Gould’s first day as a minister on Parliament Hill

  1. Karina Gould was not my choice when we voted. I regard her education as excellent. A good High Schol in Burlington, McGill University arguably Canada’s best and Post Graduate at Offord, historically a highly respected school. I tend to vote based on the candidates in my riding not on party leaders, none of whom I cared for last time round. Having seen the fiirst fifteen month of our current PM I find his rudeness and seperatist sympathies displayed at the townhall in Sherbrooke as offensive. Canada is a bilingual country and any question asked of the PM in either language should be answered in that language. My concern for my MP is that she is being sacrificed by the PM who now appears as not having the slightest intention of chanling our electoral system regardless of his oft repeated promises. I wish he would stop campaigning and start what he promises us all. Open,consutative dealings with us and the provinces. So far missing

  2. Now that this ministry is redundant when will this office be shut down? Not fair to taxpayers to have another ministry that is just window dressing with no real purpose.