Insufficient evidence


Gilles Duceppe has been cleared of charges he gestured rudely in the direction of the government benches this week.

The latest sign that a new era of civility has dawned in the house of our democracy.


Insufficient evidence

  1. What’s this? did Gillie get frustrated by Sarkosky’s latest and give someone the old one finger salute? Shocking unacceptable – must be Harper’s fault somehow!

    • No Pierres.It’s an old Quebec tradition signifying, please go away NOW, or i’ll separate you!

  2. Yes. Parliamentarians, stick to yelling and pointing menacingly at each other. No other forms of communication are allowed.

    Cripes, it’s not like he mooned parliament.

  3. A ridiculous allegation. When Duceppe really gets angry, his eyes alone can turn the boldest warrior to stone.

    • Really? Cool! When can we rotate him into CFB Kandahar? Oh, wait, there is that whole “traitor” thing. Never mind…

      • Yeah, send that one over to the Van doos, they’ll love it i’m sure! How many guys they lose again?

  4. With only an allegation and no evidence, I know that after Duceppe gets back from Syria in 18-months he will confess to seeing Michael Ignatieff training separatists in the Gaspé region in 1995.

  5. From the CBC article:
    Among those who saw it: Defence Minister Peter McKay; secretary of state Rob Merrifield, who said after, “It didn’t look polite;” and Minister of Public Works Christian Paradis who quipped, “This is not a zoo.”

    These louts cannot even be deemed to be irony impaired:


    . . . they are irony absent; in entire.

    McKay for Secretary General of NATO?

  6. You know, “insufficient evidence” is what the RCMP said of The Honorable Bill Casey, and he popped a gasket. Beware Mr. Speaker, you may get one of those icy stares J@ck warns about.

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