Is there anything about Syria for the House to debate?

Mulcair joins Trudeau in calling for Parliament to be recalled


Speaking at a news conference this morning, the Prime Minister explained his own thinking on Syria and said that “at the present time the government of Canada has no plans, we have no plans of our own, to have a Canadian military mission.” Mr. Harper’s director of communications tells CTV that “it’s not at all clear that we’ll be asked for anything.”

In response to the Prime Minister’s comments, Thomas Mulcair now demands that Parliament be recalled to consider the matter. Justin Trudeau urged as much on Tuesday.


Is there anything about Syria for the House to debate?

  1. UK parliament just voted it down.

    • As should Canada. No reason to support Obama and terrorists.

      • Looks like we’re not even going to do a recall ….war isn’t being considered thank goodness.

  2. Certainly, if the government is thinking of intervening in Syria militarily they should recall Parliament and have a debate and a vote on that matter.

    However, if the government has NO INTENTION of intervening militarily in Syria, do we really think that they should hold a debate and and a vote in order to get Parliament’s permission to NOT get involved in Syria?

  3. Like it or not the conservatives were voted in as the “ruling party’ and its their decision not second and third rate partys. So let them rule.

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