Is this any way to treat a scandal?

The matter of Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy is pursued in the House and Senate


The Senate voted last night to send the matter of Mike Duffy’s expenses back to the internal economy committee—the same committee whose original investigation of Mr. Duffy’s expenses is now being questioned in light of Nigel Wright’s cheque to Mr. Duffy.

Liberal Senate leader James Cowan also rose on a question of privilege that could, if the Speaker agrees, create a second inquiry process in the Senate.

In our case, actual words are being used and, in the present circumstances, who would argue that “odium, contempt or ridicule” do not accurately reflect what the feelings of ordinary Canadians are about the Senate today? I will not read into the record the language Canadians have been using publicly to express what they think of the Senate and of us as senators. We have all heard them, through the media and personally. We cannot ignore them.

It is critically important to re-establish the confidence of Canadians in their public institutions. The public allegation of outside interference in the proceedings of the Senate needs to be thoroughly investigated, with all parties involved being given an opportunity to explain their respective roles.

Meanwhile, as noted yesterday, the Liberals want the House ethics committee to take up a study of the matter, but Conservative MPs represent a majority on the committee and so at least some of them will have to agree for any kind of study to go forward. Of course, should the committee decline to launch an investigation, Conservatives will (or at least should) have to explain why not. That the House of Commons would not take this matter up for investigation would seem to me to be a rather gross abdication, but for now I’ll merely pose the question: is there any particular reason the House of Commons ethics committee shouldn’t be investigating this?


Is this any way to treat a scandal?

  1. Juvenal – Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    What is the point of MPs on “ethics” cmte pretending that they have ethics and know how to investigate others’ transgressions. It seems like one big circle jerk with everyone pretending they are making themselves useful while nothing changes and Harper, and who ever comes after him, will continue to behave in a manner that would get you fired/jailed in a private company.

  2. Harper and the senate are hoping the scandal goes away, they don’t understand how big it is.

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