It doesn’t have to be true, it just has to be plausible


A Conservative official confirms that the party has been calling Irwin Cotler’s constituents and suggesting he might quit.

A Conservative official confirmed to The Globe and Mail that the party is trying to identify the vote in Mr. Cotler’s riding, which it does on a continuing basis across the country. In this case, a company called Campaign Research that has been linked to Ontario and federal Conservatives is behind the calls … He said the “script” does not mention a by-election. However, if people ask why the party is phoning, callers say “there are rumours that Irwin Cotler may resign causing a by-election,” the Conservative official said. “It’s an honest answer to the question. There have been rumours for a long time that Cotler is going to step down,” he said.


It doesn’t have to be true, it just has to be plausible

  1. Time to start a phone campaign in Calgary Southwest which suggests rumors that Mr. Harper may have to step down due to an investigation by the International Criminal Court

    • Oh Thwim, what a perfect idea.  Do you live out there?  Do it!

      • Heh. Sorry, don’t have the resources I’d want to devote to getting a polling company to do so.  However, a possible script for someone who might:

        Q1: [single-choice, rotate answers]  If a by-election were called tomorrow would you vote for:
        A: Stephen Harper, Conservative Party of Canada
        B: Holly Heffernan, New Democrat Party of Canada
        C: Marlene Lamontange, Liberal Party of Canada
        D: Kellie Christie, Green Party of Canada
        E: Larry R. Heather, Independant Candidate
        F: Other/None

        Q2: [yes/no] Is this different from who you voted for in the last election. 

        Q3: [free entry] If Stephen Harper were not available as a candidate, who would you suggest should be the CPC candidate in Calgary Southwest?

        Q4: [yes/no] If Stephen Harper were not an available candidate, would your vote change?

        If why they’re calling is asked, the explanation is:
        There is a concern that Mr. Harper may be required to step down due to an investigation by the International Criminal Court, and we are calling to identify likely voters and possibilities.

    • I don`t think that will work. PM Harper is well-respected in the international community.

      Unlike Cotler who has been one of the top absentees from the HOC the past few years, Mr Harper, despite his relatively busy schedule, has been present most days. Just yesterday he  returned from the Grey Cup in Vancouver to vote in the third reading of the bill to eliminate the Wheat Board.

      • Congratulations on demonstrating your ignorance in a whole new area.

        Learn: http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/11/15/icc-mulls-probe-into-canadas-treatment-of-afghan-detainees/

        • Lovely article Thwim—don`t know how it will help you in your efforts to discredit PM Harper and Canada`s efforts in Afghanistan but you`re trying.

          The prosecutor of the ICC states in the documentary he did for the CBC  that he will decide soon whether he will investigate any crimes committed in Afghanistan—-most of which he claims were  committed by the Taliban.

          Once again I do not know how that will help in your campaign against PM Harper`s international reputation, because as you know he is well respected in the international community.

          • What evidence do you have that Harper is well respected internationally? I know the conservatives have forgotten the distinction, but I’m referring to Harper, and not the Harper Government/Government formerly known as Canada.

            Harper deserves no respect for Afghanistan. That respect is due to our service men and women.

          • So if you guys say ” Harper deserves no respect for Afghanistan ” because the credit should go ” to our service men and women “, then how can you then blame Harper for your perceived wrongs which may have been committed by these same service men and women ?

          • Calvin is correct that Harper is fairly well respected internationally, actually.  There’ve been a few articles about foreign leaders and diplomats looking toward Harper for leadership.  His personal international performance (as opposed to his international policies) is actually one of the few areas where I’ve admitted he doesn’t do too badly. 

            What is astounding about Calvin’s ignorance is that he thinks such phone calls would be attacking Harper’s international reputation, or have anything at all to do with Harper’s standing in the international community.

          • Hey Thwim–You are the one who started out this thread by proposing to start a phone campaign to discredit Harper in Calgary Southwest. You were the one who said the basis of that reputation-bashing should be your belief that Harper should be investigated by the International Court.

            I then stated that I thought your slander campaign would be a failure because Harper is well respected internationally.

          • And if the people being called were, say, the Presidents of Zimbabwe and Mexico, or even if the calls were in any way questioning his international reputation, you might have a point.

            As it is, you’re pointless.

      • Yes, Harper is so well respected that they gave Canada a seat on the UN Security Council, right?

    • I thought it was due to Syphilis?

  2. How low can the Harperconservatives go? Just watch them.

    • How low? Dunno. But lower! They can ALWAYS go lower.

  3. Despicable.

  4. There’s all kinds of rumours about Stephen Harper that we could start.  Non-Cons need their Ezra Levant.

  5. There have been rumours for a long time that the Conservatives are going to start governing soon…

    • Remember: it has to be plausible.

      • Yeah Dave, Come down to earth wouldya?

    • “There have been rumours for a long time that the Conservatives are going to start governing soon…

      “Once the deficit’s been seen to…that should be any day soooon…damn i had to move it further out again.

      “Should be in the works once we get a handle on this goshdarn world wide economic crisis thingy…anytime soooon now…damn France is calling on the other line, wonder what that could be bout?”

      Jumbo Jim…the man what takes care of the books and other stuff.

    • That’s been debunked by someone on the internet.

  6. “However, if people ask why the party is phoning, callers say  “there are rumours that Irwin Cotler may resign causing a by-election”…

    …”Oh really! I wonder how they they ever got that idea? You know perhaps you may be right, but i really couldn’t say myself.”

    Mission accomplished. Just doing my job folks. Hands clean. It’s all up the voters now.

    If they’ll do this to Cotler who’s a decent man, they’ll do it to anyone.

    It’s High time we took our democracy back people!

  7. Conservatives lie, it’s what they do
    They lie to me, they lie to you
    They lie when they say Irwin won’t be round
    They’ll lie until they’re run out of town

  8. Orwell ~ Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind

  9. I don’t know what turns my stomach more – the fact that they’re doing this, or the fact that they think it’s perfectly justifiable.

    • For a party that ran on ethics, etc. they seem to be entirely without scruples. 

  10. A Conservative official confirms that the party has been calling Irwin Cotler’s constituents and suggesting he might quit.


    …the Conservative official said. “It’s an honest answer to the
    question. There have been rumours for a long time that Cotler is going
    to step down,” he said.

    Two examples of statements that are technically correct, yet are somehow lacking.

  11. And, having the public purse subsidize these activities (polling, etc) through the 75% tax credit strikes me as a bad use of public money.  I’ll venture that the parties can get by with way less money.

  12. Harper and his regime including Tony “sure”
    Clement, and too numerous to count scandals of directly appointed individuals
    are the disinformation police of Canada’s
    dark era… history will remember Harper and the rest of the his regime as the
    architects of destruction by deceit…


    This phone call tactic has got to be one of the MOST
    DECEITFUL political ploys I have ever come across in Canada,
    ever. Pure petty deceit. Very petty.


    As for “when sure doesn’t mean sure” Clement; In
    what world is “sure”, used in that context as a response to a formal
    query, not intended as an “affirmative” or “positive”
    response, signifying clear acceptance??


    Not in Tony’s slimy dark world i suppose.


    What they are constantly doing is DECEITFUL … they
    continue their deceit by demanding apologies and sticking to blind rhetoric and


    Harper uses Tony and the rest of the disinformation police
    as cannon fodder to choke up communication and lay a smoke screen of conflicting
    disinformation, everyone that is part of the political system is complicit
    either actively, or passively as a bureaucratic cog-in-the-machine that must
    respond with the anticipated response when tapped with the expected stimulus…
    (ie: admitting responsibility when they think they found a loophole (god that’s
    slimy), any NDP ‘apology’ to Tony).


    Harper is deconstructing Canada,
    and lying every step of the way, because what real Canadian would truly allow
    that to occur? You see, the Harper regime thinks of Canadians like frogs in a
    pot of water over a fire… if they just throw us in the boiling water we might
    jump out, and we’ll definitely be angry… BUT if they place us in a pot of
    cold water and bring it up slowly to a boil, we will sit there and get


    Are we gonna let these double talking, deceitful, anarchists
    cook Canada and
    Canadians?  So far Canadians are allowing

  13. The Harper gov is doing an excellent job of bashing its own
    future and the future of Canada 
    and young Canadians totally to death… all on its own.

    Ideology will paint a target on this regime’s head, as
    history shows it has done to corrupt regime after corrupt regime, time and time

    A sane and happy human will ignore the failure of misguided
    ideology because they are sane and happy…. make the same humans angry and
    test our patience and sanity, and we will look for the cause of what went
    wrong, and we will blame that cause and hold it accountable… because we will
    be angry enough to take it that far and crazy enough to not let it drop…

    Harper is ensuring his downfall, by acting on blind
    ideologies and angering EVERYONE to the eventual point of action, with no
    turning back…

  14. Harper is just testing out his “controlled destruction
    of Canadian society” on a small scale first… you see, he creates the
    problems by heavy handed neglect, tests his own agenda and ensures his own
    interests, and then swoops in with peanuts and looks like a hero.

    Harper’s actions demonstrate that his agenda will only serve
    to bring about increased neglect of Canada and Canadians, on an international
    level he doesn’t even want to call the Canadian Government by it’s legally
    mandated name, ‘The Government of Canada’; such contempt, such pettiness, such
    un-intelligence and arrogance.

    Harper created this mess to see if he can control it on a
    larger scale…. he will be the undoing of Canada,
    and he is starting with it’s legally given and accepted name first…

    Harper calls this “PROGRESS”??? …lets illegally
    re-brand Canada from an international standpoint because there’s nothing else
    more important to do… the Harper regime will NOT being fixing the economy
    or  “crime” (which is at an all
    time low) or the ‘state’ of the military (as in there is nothing wrong with NOT
    having the largest damned military in the world, Harper, talking directly to
    you) He will not fix these things like some magical fairy god mother….

    ….the only outcome under his ‘leadership’ is that of the
    coming tipping point which is also the only solution, everything must collapse
    for the morons in power to lose everything that lets them keep twisting the
    screws.I know it will be painful, but at least we will be getting
    somewhere, I’ll gladly live in hell for 15 years to avoid a marginal and wasted
    lifetime, with no opportunities, limited growth, all because the morons will
    tax their way out, and ensure their own comforts first; as opposed to 70+ years
    of paying back multi-generational bailouts and corporate greed.Bring on the hell, i welcome it, and bring about the end of
    moronic political reign.Cook out the human poisons, rather than let politicians keep
    pumping everything full of toxicity. I will gladly give my life to see the day
    where this entire sociological experiment called society is kicked to the curb
    and people live radical and experimental lives again, and survive by their own
    competence and wits; Better than our current relentless and slow fall into chaos
    that nobody in power seems to have the wits or competence to do anything about.Honestly, changing the name of Canada,
    illegally is going to change anything important for Canadians, Harper you
    squander your purview, you look like a petty child.STOP HARPER.

  15. Do you remember John Mykytyshyn?  Same push polling North of Toronto.   They haven’t changed in 10 years.

    • I remember the despicable little creature and his tactics. The only efforts put forth by him, were for his personal gain and a total disregard to credibility, in the hopes of damaging the reputation of others.

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