‘It is a mythical tree spirit, the true, fragile nature of which only Stephen Harper understands’


Tabatha Southey listens to the Prime Minister, imagines a world in which democracy is an actual threat to the welfare of the nation.

During Canadian federal elections, neighbourhoods are canvassed by hoards of zombies. These zombies do not just put fliers through your mail slot – they zombie-knock at your door while you’re trying to make dinner. They often ask you if you have any issues that are of particular concern to you. And after inquiring about whether you’re properly registered to vote, they ask you if you need a ride to the polling station, and then they eat your brains. It’s intrusive.

Meanwhile, investors are surprisingly unpanicky about the possibility of an election.


‘It is a mythical tree spirit, the true, fragile nature of which only Stephen Harper understands’

  1. I wonder what's going to happen to the Southeys and Wherrys of the liberal media if and when their preferred party gets trounced in any coming election campaign. Mind you, they'll do what they can from preventing that from happening. But, when it does, will they be able to get up in the morning? Or will have they have met their own personal Armageddons? Should be fun.

  2. The liberal media can thank themselves for the trouncing.
    They have given Libs refuge and
    urged the Harper-hating.
    They made the LPC weak by providing them cover.

  3. LOL

    For a moment there I thought you were about to announce the Tories' secret plans for unfriendly journalists post-majority!

  4. I imagine that they will survive and continue to make their living off of their writing.

  5. Investors should be panicky…we are right back to where we were before Martin cut the debt….and in less than 3 years.

    So it's going to take either a tax hike, or massive cuts to put it right again, no matter which party wins.

    This tends to get glossed over by the 'tree spirit' fantasy.

  6. Not surprising investors 'unoanicky' Mr Wherry.
    from article:

    ''..Analysts said an election call could cause a dip in the Canadian dollar in a knee-jerk reaction by foreign investors to political uncertainty.

    Yet many don't even expect a dip. The Conservatives, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, have a stable lead over the main opposition Liberals in recent polls, and would likely stay in power..'

    Yup, investors don't see a change in government coming.
    Of course the coalition opposition will have to answer on deals to steal govt if PMSH wins a minority.

  7. Get a grip Dennis….since when do Southey and Wherry have any influence over elections? Enough with the wussy complaining about bias and how the msm is against the Tories…it's tiresome, old and boring. You don't like what they have to write then I suggest you go over to the NP…their entire editorial board are apologist and cheerleaders for the Harper gov't…perhaps that's more fitting to you sensibilities.

    Some of us actually appreciate the glib, tongue in cheek writings of the Southeys, Wherrys and Feschuks…provides some needed humour in our otherwise demoralizing and cynical political landscape.

  8. They will thrive on their talent. That's the advantage of being smart — you don't have to spend your life kissing a** or reciting talking points someone else writes.

  9. Why do some of you get so knee-jerk defensive whey your precious liberal journalists get criticized from time to time?

    I hat to break it to you, "Lucky Luke" but the writers at the National Post show far more balance and perspective on politics than your preferred scribes. They attack Conservatives all the time. You see, they're not afraid of the truth, regardless of where it takes them.

    You have every right to enjoy your precious liberal media. It's a free country. I don't have to. Furthermore, I have the right to scrutinize them, too, don't I? Why resent that so much? People like you want political attacks to come from one side only, and it has to come from people who pretend they're not liberal hacks. Thank you.

  10. Then why does Wherry spend so much time precisely reciting talking points from Liberals or those favourable to Liberals? That's the thing. He's not balanced or objective, which is why he's loved by the left-wing attack machine on here. According to you, he makes a living making the left-wing euphoric. Right?

  11. Flaherty is the worst Finance Minister Canada has had in recent memory. The day he is gone is a great day for Canada and Canadian Investors. I hope Canadians are as tired of this self congratulating charlatan as I am and throw these clowns out of office..

  12. He brings a smile to some of us centrists, too. :-)

  13. I wish they were zombies … we could cut off their heads without a qualm in the world.

  14. It's part of the CONservative fantasy to round up the unfriendlys and ship then to a bad and uncomfortable place. That's what CONs think about when they go to sleep at night.

  15. You bet investors should be panicky! Did you see this other item in the Southey article Aaron linked to?

    The Toronto Stock Exchange actually hovers half a mile over the city of Toronto. When the market falls, it crashes out of the sky and lands on the city and many people are crushed. Productivity is lowered, and later on the whole building needs to be hoisted back up again. This is expensive and leaves everyone short of rope. Even in this imagined world, there's no evidence that an election actually causes the stock market to drop – but people are understandably more edgy about it.

  16. You have every right to enjoy your precious liberal media. It's a free country. I don't have to

    you're right…you don't….so go away

  17. Yes, there is a disturbing element of 'punishing' in all Con dialogue.

  18. LOL well that's one of Steve's imagined reasons for not holding an election…it'll panic the brokers. However brokers simply look to make money….and they always figure they'll do that no matter which party is in.

    Investment however is another matter.

  19. It's been my experience that liberals love to call themselves "centrists". My guess is that's what Wherry calls himself, too.

  20. Yes, it's called free speech, which means you're allowed to criticize writers you think are hacks, right? In other words, you don't think your favourite liberal hacks can take the scrutiny. Got it.

    I've said this before. There is far more balance and self-criticism on the National Post boards than there is on here. They attack Conservatives all the time. But Liberals attacked here? Ha ha ha! Next!!!

  21. All the evidence suggests that it's liberals who make up this nonsense about Conservatives, especially when they have power.

  22. Then why is it liberal Wherry and his leftist admirers on here that do all the punishing of people who dare disagree with them? Why is it that only the left-wing can have power and criticize others?

  23. Yer not only a Bolshevik, you're a paranoid one. LOL

  24. I can't. I feel a need to respond to Wherry's one-sided and shameless nonsense. For people who love to talk about the merits of democracy and free speech, you sure don't like it when it doesn't go your way. Fascinating.

  25. I agree with that. Liberals are centrists. Thanks for the clarification!

  26. No. The 90's deficit was mostly solved by economic growth … US bubble growth, but still …

  27. I'm tired of this whole "our economy isn't strong enough to withstand democracy" tirade. It's done in countries around the world everyday. Even Harper himself felt it all right to go into an election in 2008 while we were head on facing the economic downturn. We can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.

    Someone needs to turn down the rhetoric. The "Harper Government" is sounding very anti-democratic!

  28. It was solved by taxes, cutbacks and and an oil boom…but we can't count on growth…of any kind…. this time. Flaherty and Harper are basing everything on growth, but they're out of luck. It's called a 'jobless recovery' for a reason.

  29. In Canada it is Freedom of Expression…..and you express your self all over these boards so I think you enjoy "the precious liberal media" too.

  30. That's the same Tabatha Southey who is currently attempting to bankrupt Dave Foley for half a million. http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/television/a

    Since I read that article I noticed she also has a Wherry-esque hate-on for the Conservatives too.

  31. Qualms are good. Canada needs more qualms.

  32. Which isn't to say I'm not looking forward to a zombie apocalypse, of course!

  33. s_c_f has a square head and an inability to walk backwards… shows what he knows about Canadian politics.

  34. "and ship then to a bad and uncomfortable place"

    Stop making fun of Edmonton.

  35. Then why have at least eight people clicked thumbs up on your left-wing knee-jerk nonsense? lol. Next.

  36. Easy there Dennis….it's not me who is being defensive…your outrage seems a bit disingenous.

    I respectfully disagree that the NP editorialists and columnists are balanced but we will have to agree to disagree on that point.

    No one, myself included, suggested you couldn't critisize…knock yourself out…my point is that your original posting is all about blasting those you perceive as 'precious liberal journalists' instead of the substance of their comments….which is fair game….and might actually add something of value to any debate. No resentment here…just flat out bored by the media paranoia narrative.

  37. I, for one, will welcome our brain eating overlords, and will provide them with bus fare to Ottawa. Where they will starve to death.

    See what I did there?

  38. No, let him keep talking. She'll make a fortune off his material.

  39. The thumb machine is controlled by the Liberal Party Headquarters. Thought you'd have figured that out by now. Dennis.

  40. Wild guess….because they agree you're a paranoid Bolshevik? LOL

  41. Why some of you always trying to deny basic truths? Are you saying that Wherry isn't a leftie, and that most of his readers aren't admiring lefties? Why always try to pretend otherwise?

  42. Of course that's what it is. How can't it be? lol


  43. a) You just confirmed how Liberals like to describe themselves;

    b) And you did it by butchering what it is that I actually said, which pretty much exposes your credibility.

    Thanks! You, too, thumb clickers! lol

  44. Good.Then you find it credible that a "massive" deficit was eradicated within a couple
    of years … before most of the cuts kicked in …. and, oh nevermind …

  45. Speaking as a sometimes election volunteer zombie, good brains are hard to find ….

  46. No, I was involved with it at the time, and knew what it took to eliminate the deficit, and pay down the debt.

  47. We were all involved with it at the time ….. well, maybe except for chet/biff/kody who
    probably wasn't born …

  48. troop hater

  49. And all harper ever says is "so invest in rope!"

  50. Is that so? How's that?

  51. Why? Why? Waaaaa. Cry some more baby.
    Lol! Rofl! Lmao! Next!

  52. Are you suggesting that we don't have freedom of speech in Canada, or that the term doesn't apply here, and that, to exercise it, I have to enjoy your precious liberal media too? I suggest you take a course in logic and critical reasoning before uttering such absurdities. lol. Next.

  53. Really. Then why are the Conservative comments on Iggy's claimed "immigrant" heritage being characterized by your media, and you and your friends on here, as a personal attack on his family? This is a tactic used to silence opponents. Is it not? Why aren't they allowed to make perfectly accurate and fair-game comments on an issue that Iggy was trying to get away with in the first place? Iggy can say anything he wants, his opponents are apparently not allowed to call him on it. This is apparently the kind of political exchanges you want. Only your side can have their fair say.

  54. Do you like to hit people, too? lol. Thanks for showing up. Next.

  55. You get that this is a columnist writing the posted story, yes? And responses to what they write is often grand fodder for future columns…

    You're writing her best material for her. Keep it coming.

  56. are you in a little white room somewhere…!?

  57. Are you kidding? She wouldn't touch her ex-relationship with Dave Foley, and the owed child support, and his or her fiscal situation, with a ten-foot pole in a column. That's the last thing on earth she would write about. LOL
    However, I bet she'd hit it off with Wherry. She should write about him.

  58. Dennis, they said that his family weren't real immigrants, and thus one would suppose not real Canadians. Seems like a totally unfounded and unnecessary line of attack.

  59. Actually, Harper caused the global economic downturn and debt crisis by calling the October 2008 election. The world simply cannot withstand the paroxysms of terror and doubt that we colloquially call a Canadian General Election.

  60. Now, now. They said the family story is not one of typical immigrants, and that is certainly true, isn't it? And they only raised the matter after it became clear that Iggy was trying to depict himself as a son of destitute immigrants – a story that is clearly false.

    This is what I'm talking about. The media doesn't want to cover the truth on this issue. So, when the Conservatives do, they get howled at by Iggy and his apologists in the media.

    I think what upsets some people is that the Conservatives have been successful at getting the truth out. They won't let Liberals get away with hiding or fudging Iggy's biography and family history. Iggy's background was always going to be an issue. Liberal attempts to spin it away haven't worked, in part because their opponents won't allow it.

    In a democracy, I thought the media was supposed to be skeptical of Iggy's type of spin. But in our form of democracy, it would seem as thought the Conservatives often have to fend for themselves. Lucky for them, they've become good at it – to their enemies' chagrin.

  61. So, in other words, his family weren't real immigrants and weren't real Canadians? What else are they trying to say?

    Sounds to me like this is just a dust cloud kicked up to obscure the series of RCMP investigations into CPC malfeasance.

  62. Are you ignoring proper English on purpose, or is it as a result of ignorance? Iggy's family history is not TYPICAL. Right?

    Why is it that some of you are so afraid of the truth? Are politics and ideology that precious to you?

    God. Next.

  63. No, I'm not God.

    Anyway, I think you're being obtuse. Not 'typical' here is being used as code. To say they were not 'typical' immigrants is clearly intended to suggest that they are not real immigrants, and that the 'real' immigrants should not be fooled into thinking Iggy's family has a similar history.

    My dad wasn't penniless when he immigrated. Nor were my maternal grandparents. I suppose they're not real immigrants either.

  64. Oh, so now we're supposed to take your interpretation of what it says instead of, uh, what it actually says. And you have the gall to accuse me of being obtuse.

    My parents were immigrants. They came here with nothing. There's was a typical immigrant story. Unlike Iggy, who's family was Tsarist aristocratic and gave Iggy far more than most of us could dream of.

    But we're apparently not allowed to tell these truths. We have to accept your interpretation of what the facts are. Interesting.

  65. Our veterans are turning in their graves rigt now. Elections represent freedom. Sorry to trouble you!!!

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