It turns out that omnibus budget bills can be split -

It turns out that omnibus budget bills can be split


The Conservatives and the opposition parties unanimously agreed this morning to split MP pension reforms from the omnibus budget bill and pass the separate legislation.

Here is the text of the motion, moved by Conservative MP Lynne Yelich, that split C-45.

That the House recognize that the provisions of Bill C-45 dealing with Members’ pensions should be enacted as quickly as possible, and passed without further debate;

That Bill C-45, A second Act to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on March 29, 2012 and other measures, be divided into two bills: Bill C-45, A second Act to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on March 29, 2012 and other measures, and Bill C-46, An Act to amend the Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act; and

That Bill C-46 be composed of

(a) clauses 475 to 514 of Bill C-45, as it is presently composed,

(b) a clause, inserted before all of the other clauses, to provide that “This Act may be cited as the Pension Reform Act”, and

(c) a clause, inserted after all of the other clauses, to provide that “This Act comes into force, or is deemed to have come into force, on January 1, 2013.”;

That Bill C-46 be deemed to have been read the second time and deemed referred to a Committee of the Whole, deemed reported without amendment, deemed concurred in at report stage and deemed read the third time and passed; 

That Bill C-45 be composed of its remaining clauses; 

That Bill C-45 retain the status on the Order Paper that it had prior to the adoption of this Order;

That the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel be authorized to make any technical changes or corrections as may be necessary; and 

That Bills C-45 and C-46 be reprinted.

The Liberals suggested this last month and when Bob Rae raised it yesterday, the Prime Minister expressed something like interest in the proposal.


It turns out that omnibus budget bills can be split

  1. Call me a cynic, but I could see this coming.

    You see: the Harper government is doing it’s best to work with the other parties – even those job killing carbon taxing NDPers……….

    It reminds me of that idea to change the anthem…. a sleight of hand meant to divert attention.

    • Could very well be, but small bit of credit where small bit of credit is due.

      • And most of that small credit should go to Rae.

        • It is Marc Garneau’s motion. And by agreeing to take it out of OB2, Harper gets to look cooperative and magnanimous, even though it should NEVER have been in that bill in the first place.

          • It’s an odd way to appear magnanimous, cooperative maybe? Cooperative in the sense you’re relieved that your dad says that if you really don’t like the spam in the meal you don’t have to eat it in one go, he’ll let you take out the bit you do like and eat it on the side.[ that’s nice of him] As for the rest, he’ll allow you state your objections and reject it if you really want. But he still wont let you muck around with menu or read the label on the ingredients,[ must be lunch time]

    • looks to me like our mp’s are doing to themselves what they should be doing for their constituents – considering each piece in it’s context as it relates to those it affects. this isn’t harper bending over backwards to appease anyone. he’s partaking in a simple motion to please himself.

      • It’s still passing without debate or amendments. Voting in parliament, at this point, is ceremonial.

  2. Holy governance batman! Have the Conservatives realized they are no longer in Opposition?

  3. The Harper Government should not be commended for this “compromise” in the slightest. This is the second 500-page omnibus budget bill passed this year which amends *60* pieces of legislation.

    While in opposition Harper voiced his frustration over a 42-page omnibus budget bill brought in by the Liberals:

    “We can agree with some of the measures but oppose others. How do we express our views and the views of our constituents when the matters are so diverse? Dividing the bill into several components would allow members to represent views of their constituents on each of the different components in the bill.”

  4. Well when it’s about something IMPORTANT, like MPs pensions….of course it can be split up

    Rearranging the country….not so much.

    • That is actually a really good point. While we rightfully give the Liberals “credit” for getting the pension issue dealt with independently of the budget bill let us also not forget that the reason for doing so are entirely politically motivated. The Liberals simply could not stand the thought of being accused of voting against pension reform so better focus on that one single issue to separate it from the budget bill just so the Liberals could say they supported it…..

      • No…but if it makes your partisan heart beat faster…..