‘It’s a clarification’


The CBC obtains documents that add to the mystery of Jason Kenney’s refugee health care reforms.

A notice of looming cuts to health services for refugees was mailed to more than 104,000 beneficiaries — including about 14,000 the federal government now says won’t be stripped of their supplementary medical services — and opposition MPs say it shows the government has flip-flopped on a contentious policy change … “The Interim Federal Health Plan has been reformed. As of June 30, 2012, benefits will be reduced for all current and future beneficiaries,” the notice reads. It goes on to say that “prescription drug benefits are being reduced for all beneficiaries,” and that “vision care, dental care, devices to assist mobility, home care and long-term care will no longer be covered.”

But now, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says government-sponsored refugees will be eligible for the full range of supplemental health benefits — raising questions about whether the government back-tracked on a policy that was lambasted by physicians across the country.

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‘It’s a clarification’

  1. ‘Clarification’ now means ‘retreat and lie’. Good to know.

    I sure hope somebody is compiling a dictionary of all this ‘Newspeak’.

    • My favourite from the Nixon Era, as presented by Spokesman Ron Ziegler. “The previous statement is not the operative statement. *This* statement is the operative statement.”

  2. @EmilyOne @Igarvin I wonder if the actors of this history have ever read, or might ever have understood the ending of the history they revive, re-live and re-lie. Canada might have been slow to take up this path, and perhaps because we aren’t really a first world power monger, that our situation was ripe for such a slow, quiet, surreptitious, later adoption. Maybe even we thought that we could avoid the errors others made.

  3. I wonder if Jason thinks lying for political reasons somehow isn’t covered by the ten commandments? Guess he’ll find out one day. Meanwhile he’ll continue to hold others to ethical standards he openly flouts.

  4. glass half full: citizens collectively and actively opposing a policy can have an effect on said policy, even in a majority government situation.

  5. Con motto: “That was last week”

  6. When you dig down into any Bill brought forth by the harper government they are full of dead ends and un-vetted policy. What we are witnessing on a grand scale is Political Amateur Hour starring the harper government.

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