‘It’s not part of our campaign’


The Prime Minister responds to the Elections Canada investigation into fraudulent phone calls.

“Our party has no knowledge of these calls. It’s not part of our campaign,” Mr. Harper told reporters on Thursday. “Obviously, if there is anyone who has done anything wrong, we will expect that they will face the full consequences of the law.”

David Akin has audio of the Prime Minister’s exchange with reporters.


‘It’s not part of our campaign’

  1. There’s no “if” about it, Mr. Prime Minister. Someone did something wrong. They made an organized attempt to direct people to the wrong place to vote.

    All that remains in question was whether it was one of yours, and whether there’s any evidence tying the party leadership to it if it was. (Or is leaving evidence what you were referring to when you said “has done anything wrong”? That would explain the “if” I guess..)

    • So all the investigations have been completed and those responsible for wrongdoing have been convicted or properly dealt with by the applicable laws.? Is that what you’re saying? Otherwise, you’re kind of talking out of your ass, aren’t you?

      • Where did I even imply that? Do you deny that people were directed to the wrong place to vote? That this was done on an organized basis?

        • So people have been found to be guilty of this, have they?

          • Well someone certainly is guilty of it.  Unless you’re accusing every person who reported it as faking.  Or perhaps you think the equipment just malfunctioned in a manner that caused a message to get sent out to a bunch of non CPC supporters?

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          • So a murder is not a murder until the killer is convicted?

          • It’s not a murder just because someone alleges that a person is missing, right? Next.

          • @Dennis_F:disqus 

            It is a murder when they find a dead body with a knife in their back.

            No one is questioning (except perhaps yourself?) that something illegal happened hear – someone has made phone calls claiming they are from Elections Canada sending people to a fake polling station.  Without knowing the exact line in the Criminal Code/Elections Act/etc, I’m pretty sure it is illegal to impersonate a federal agency.

            The question is who committed this act?  This is currently being investigated, and I for one am eager to hear the results of that investigation.

          • “No one is questioning (except perhaps yourself?) that something illegal happened hear [sic]…

            Really. Have charges been laid yet?

            My point is that a lot of you are predictably jumping the gun without a whole lot of facts to work with, and — yet again, predictably — you’re doing it because you apparently hate Harper so much. Just saying.

          • Well, calls were made claiming to be Elections Canada. I believe that is illegal, so the only question is who is responsible for making them.  What is your problem?

          • Exactly. Why did your friend Thwim have to resort to his campaign of hate against me? What is his problem? I absolutely agree.

          • “campaign of hate”


          • To TJCook, how else would you describe Thwim’s actions on here? Of course you’d love it, given that you don’t care about the truth, but only about the demonizing of people who dare disagree with you, right?

      • Given that the calls were made to supporters of parties other than the CPC, they were clearly made to benefit the CPC. They saw what happened from Adscam; they have already had their own little moments with in-and-out and G20 gazebogate. So whoever in the party was responsible (and it stretches credibility to suggest it wasn’t someone from the CPC who was behind this), they will likely have made sure it can’t be traced back to anyone in the party – and certainly anyone senior.

        No one in the room may be claiming it, but someone in the CPC back room let it slip past their sphincter. And boy does it stink…

        • Ah, so you’ve already convicted the party you clearly resent based on no evidence whatsoever. Thank you for providing for us your standard of justice.

          • The funny thing is Dennis, is that if the shoe was on the other foot, you’d be ranting about the foul. 

             Can you deny that?

          • Simple-minded opponents of mine on here love to make that accusation, yet can never support it. Thanks.

          • You know what I love Dennis? YOU spew partisan talking points. You accuse everyone else of spewing partisan talking points. You use demeaning insults like “simple minded opponents”.

             Guess what Dennis. I’m not your “opponent” and this is not some sort of Royal Joust where the King smiles upon you as you vanquish foes.

             We are all Canadians expressing views and when someone points out your trend towards partisan hypocrisy, you strut around like some cerebral knight slaying dragons for the good of the realm.

             The Conservatives have established a trend towards dirty election tactics. They’ve been admonished by the speaker. These robocalls targeted the close ridings and were made using a firm the Conservatives employ. 

              It is odious, but Dennis the Defender of the Realm will continue to silence any dragons real or imagined


          • Let’s just say that, based on past behaviour, I think they stand with the pedophiles…

          • Is this really all you have? Wait, of course it is. lol. Next.

      • C’mon Dennis, you’re either with the opposition or you’re with the perpetrators of illegal election rigging.

      • You know the CPC is running scared if they’re dusting off this guy.

        • A guy who has such an easy time dealing with knee-jerk types like yourself? lol. It’s such a hard life for you, isn’t it.

          • The Cons have already outed their fall guy, Dennis.  Amazing speed at which they work. They knew nothing about this but within a few hours have offered my their guy in Guelph.

          • a) You already posted this;

            b) “offered my their guy” doesn’t make sense.

            You do have functioning digits, yes? Brain? Not so sure. lol

      • The Cons have already outed their fall guy, Dennis.  Amazing speed at which they work. They knew nothing about this but within a few hours have offered my their guy in Guelph.

        • It obviously haven’t sunk into some of your brains here, but I’m interested in facts, not your conspiracy theories. Wow.

    • As for “whether there’s any evidence tying the party leadership to it”, there’s already some evidence distancing them from it – the nefarious scheme utterly failed, as the Liberal candidate won the riding by 6000 votes.  A 6000 vote margin does not happen over night, therefore, the “party leadership” would likely have understood well in advance of voting day that even a robo-call urging voters to show up at Timmy’s for free donuts would be highly unlikely to change the result.  Yet they went ahead and authorized it anyway?  Never say never in politics, but my money’s on some misguided apparatchik.

      • Sounds reasonable. As the odds of getting caught out on this kind of thing are pretty high, I wouldn’t think the idea would have been run by too many people without someone saying, “Uh, are you stupid?”

        Of course, on the other hand, this is the party of Fortier and the unfixed Fixed Election Dates

        • The problem for them is that it happened in multiple ridings, didn’t it?

      • My money is on some young appartchik getting blamed for it. 

      • Reports are that these illegal robocalls were placed in over a dozen ridings.  There are two different women’s voices impersonating Elections Canada, whereas so far the CPC is reported as focussing on a male staffer (Sona).  That’s a lot of coordination, involving at least 3 different people, and almost certainly more than that.

        • The voice I heard sounded like some kind of robot.

      • But it happened in multiple ridings.

    • It is nice of Dennis to step into this fray but it really  must be a challenge.  The Conservatives have already admitted they used misleading phone calls to confuse voters.  They have admitted and even defended that practice in public.  Given that track record, Thwim’s conclusion is pretty rational.

      • How is it a challenge? Everything I have said is true. Thwim, in response, viciously attacked my integrity, and has refused to recant as promised. Now you step into it too with more of your unsubstantiated accusations. This is in fact very easy for me. Very easy.

        • Had you but integrity….

          • Had you but the ability to write sentences in the English language. lol

            I don’t understand people who question my integrity simply because I’m not a leftist. This isn’t communism, is it? At least not yet, thank God.

          • I think people are trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. You’re either a dishonest shill or an honest-to-goodness moron. You should accept the charitable interpretation.

          • So then why are you and others on here the only ones resorting to this knee-jerk hatred of yours? Do you hate being put in the wrong that much? Honestly, get a life, or something. Some dignity. Anything. A line of argumentation. Maybe.

  2. implausible deniability

  3. “total victory” 

    • It’s clearly time to talk about Bob Rae’s record in Ontario.

  4. Someone paid cash for the Quebec phone, so not much of a paper trail there.  There seems to be 2 voices (French and English) on the audio tape, so maybe some voice recognition possibilities. The Alberta company requires a credit card and there was voter identification from multiple ridings, so maybe some connections can be drawn there.  

    There are some possibilities for identifying more than one responsible person, but one would expect a party involved in this kind of stuff to make sure there was no direct paper trail pointing to anyone high up.  Although they got pretty brazen with in and out, so who knows.

  5. “It’s not part of our campaign,” Mr. Harper told reporters.
    That answers one of the questions I had.  I had been wondering if the CPC charged Elections Canada for the cost of these robocalls.  

  6. Your integrity is hardly above rebuke. Defending Conservative skulduggery is more important to you than the truth. You are entirely unwilling to engage in civil discourse.

    • Where does your hatred come from? Name one untruth I have stated on here. People like you consider it uncivil when others don’t shut up in the face of your viciousness. This is like a fake religion to some of you people, and all heretics are witch hunted without mercy. Why? Get some lives. Something. Holy cow.

      • Your inability to engage in civil discourse is evidence by the high proportion of your comments where you attack the person you are responding to, or use an ad hominem fallacy to attempt to discredit them. I call it ‘debate society syndrome’. More concerned with scoring points than engaging in discussion.

        • You definition of “civil discourse” is agreeing with you. If a person doesn’t, you engage in this hatred of yours, and cry that I’m telling the truth about you. You don’t care to debate, which is why you’re complaining about losing in one right now. lol. Tough. Live with it. It’s called freedom. Thank God.

          • Posted this as a reply to Dennis_F but it appeared as a standalone, so I’ll try reposting as a response…

            We question your integrity because of your blind hyperpartisan support of a party that is clearly, at best, ethically challenged.

          • …and now it seems to be linked to the wrong comment and the one I meant to link to seems to have disappeared. I think something’s gone haywire with Disqus…

          • You question my integrity because you’re filled with blind hatred for anyone who dares challenge you with the truth. I’m not blindly partisan. For example, I have the kind of respect for Liberal Dalton McGuinty politically that many of you would have for Harper if you didn’t hate so much. Chretien, too, to some extent. Clinton. Any successful liberal, for that matter. Next.

  7. We question your integrity because of your blind hyperpartisan support of a party that is clearly, at best, ethically challenged.

    (Edit: This was a reply to Dennis_F but Disqus had a hiccup)

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