James Moore vs. The Birds and the Bees


In response to the Heritage Minister’s criticism of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, Senator Nancy Ruth questions James Moore’s judgment. Peter Julian mocks. Ottawa Citizen columnist Peter Simpson considers.

In a CBC panel, Dean Del Mastro, the Prime Minister’s parliamentary secretary, questioned the parameters of science and compared the exhibit to what might be found in an adult video store.


James Moore vs. The Birds and the Bees

  1. “I have not seen the exhibit, and will not see it because it is nothing more than porn.” – #cpc

  2. The Conservatives are a bunch of prudes and Del Mastro is an idiot (but we already knew this).

    • Ya but, but … we are constantly nudged that the person who appointed
      Deano to his prominent position is a freakin’ wizard !

      • My temptation here is of course to say “yeah, a GRAND wizard”, but that might be going a bit too far. Maybe not for Kenney, but it’s unfair for Harper.

  3. I can’t watch that past the first minute. DDM is an idiot, and I don’t know how an actual physician should be expected to share a stage with a troglodyte who does not realize that biology is science. It would be funny if it wasn’t real.

  4. Well now they have something else to freak over….the nude Stephen Harper

  5. When will someone take a chisel to Michelangelo’s David and turn it into a proper eunich? Think of the children!

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