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The Immigration Minister seems to be tweeting help wanted ads as he tours Alberta.

July 12. Met w/ landscaping business owners in Calgary. Offering $16 to $18 / hr to push a lawn mower, but can’t recruit nearly enough Cdns to work.

Yesterday@JamesRajotte & I visited pipe manufacturer Tenaris in Nisku: Production down due to labour shortage http://yfrog.com/nxv6dclj

YesterdayTenaris is offering $25/hr (w/ bonuses + benefits = $46/hr) for folks w/ Grade 12, for semi-skilled labour, but still not enough applicants.

Today. PCL says their average journeyman wage is ~ $50/hr, (plus benefits), ie $100K year. Great opportunities for construction workers across CDA.


Jason Kenney’s classifieds

  1. Anything to help Alberta.

  2. Which is why we need less immigration, so all those foreigners stop stealing jobs from Canadians!

    • Michael: when did you drink the right-wing koolaid? This illustrates exactly why we need more immigration, to keep Alberta’s economy going.

  3. Perhaps Kenney can do us all a favor and take one of those jobs. As with most Canadians, I would like to not see or hear from that POS again.

    May Karma bring you nothing but the pain and suffering you deserve Jason.

  4. “push a lawn mower”

    Not much career future due to global climate change.

    “pipe manufacturer [p]roduction down due to labour shortage”

    Nobody wants to build a pipeline?

    “not enough applicants’

    so somebody wants the job…. but…

    “opportunities for construction workers”

    $100,000 a year isn’t enough what with taxes and supporting immigrants. Maybe they should advertise CPC cabinet positions? That pays well.

  5. My nephew is visiting from Alberta. He applied at Tenaris didnt even get an interview. So what is it they are trying to pull not enough applicants?

    • Kenney is unaware businesses lie to politicians….what they want is temporary foreign workers at less than minimum wage.

      Only way to get that is claim Canadians don’t want to work.

  6. Have they tried recruiting in Abernethy, SK?

  7. I live in Alberta and work for a large Survey and Engineering firm involved with oil and gas. From what I see, the recruitment issue lies with incompetent HR staff.

    • Who hired the “incompetent HR staff”?

      • Who ever heard of competent HR staff?

        • These guys,

          CHRS is a professional consultancy framed by Managing Director, SKS. Nair, specifically to cater for the booming oil & gas, petroleum, power generation, manufacturing & construction industries around the Glob.


  8. Just checked Tenaris web site… 9 jobs listed for Canada (not that easy to find, either)… none appear to be semi-skilled labour… “Business Analyst”, “Maintenance Supervisor”, “Production Planning Analyst” w/3-5 yrs experience and an Engineering degree… maybe the “Field Service Technician” qualifies for Kenney’s tweet, but doesn’t sound like something I (as a client, or Tenaris mgmt) would want a junior person doing: “In this role, you will be responsible to work with our clients at rig
    locations in Northern Alberta and British Columbia, to provide technical
    expertise, inspect our products and ensure our recommended Running
    Practices are adhered to.”

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