Jean Chrétien’s advice to Justin Trudeau

The former PM—and the last Liberal leader to win a majority—warns that what happens after the Throne Speech is what matters


As the Throne Speech kicks off the 42nd session of Parliament, perhaps the only person in Canada who truly understands this moment for Justin Trudeau is Jean Chrétien—the only Liberal alive who has won a majority federal government. So it was not surprising that Mr. Chrétien was sitting in the Senate, six feet to the new Prime Minister’s left, during the Speech from the Throne.

Chretien campaigned hard for Trudeau, and provides a link back to Trudeau’s own father. But he also is a warning beacon. All governments get to start with a honeymoon, but what happens next is what really matters. We asked the former prime minister on what advice he would give Trudeau as the new government kicks off its agenda, and what he really thinks the new Prime Minister means when he says that “Canada is back.”



Jean Chrétien’s advice to Justin Trudeau

  1. It seems like Evan Solomon’s memory is even shorter than that of Justin Trudeau. Not long ago, while on campaign trail, the wise old statesman stated openly that since Vladimir Putin was a smart guy and he had set out to bomb out the ISIS, we must actively seek out his cooperation. This kind of argument was completely out of sync with the NATO’s official line that it was Turkey that was fighting ISIS and any threat to Turkey had to be considered a security threat to all NATO members. Mr. Trudeau immediately disassociated himself with Jean Chretien’s statement. Mr. Chretien himself was relegated to campaign in some” god-only-knows-where” corner of Atlantic Canada where he seems to have done well.
    But here is the juicy part:
    A Canadian woman soldier, Ms. Bohman who had been personally involved in the fight against ISIS claims in an interview given The Independent Newspaper of UK, that Turkey is fully allied with ISIS in this fight. She is the only Canadian who has had the opportunity to be associated with the situation on ground. She is a foot soldier.
    Here is what The Independent has to say:
    “Suggestions that Turkey’s attacks on Kurdish fighters, such as the YPJ women’s branch Ms. Bohman is fighting for, has aided Isis have circulated for some time.
    These have been recently reignited by claims from Russia that Turkey is smuggling Isis-controlled oil, the group’s main source of revenue, into the NATO country”
    Now, come on, Mr. Solomon, in the only piece of advice that Mr. Chretien openly gave Mr. Trudeau, he has been proven right beyond any doubts. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only piece of advice Mr. Trudeau repudiated openly and immediately. Wasn’t that was a very public spat? Do you still believe that Justin Trudeau is ready or even smart enough to take further advice from Mr. Chretien?

  2. “when you do your best, you can’t do better.”

    still the master of tautologies, i see.

    he would have won a fourth majority. and, that might have spared us from harper altogether. but, it’s time to look forwards, now.

    • My view is that Harper spared us from having any more of chretien, easily the worst pm this country has ever witnessed. Advice to jnr would be to not listen to this creep and keep him as far away from any federal money source as possible.

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