Joan Crockatt is the new Jonathan Swift -

Joan Crockatt is the new Jonathan Swift


The newest Conservative MP demonstrated her keen sense of satire with a statement to the House before Question Period this afternoon.

Mr. Speaker, everyone has heard the old saying, “don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk”. Unfortunately, I do not think the New Democrats truly understand the meaning of this statement. In fact, yesterday, you, Mr. Speaker, had to put the NDP member for Timmins—James Bay back in his place for using unparliamentary language while the NDP ironically tabled a motion to improve House decorum.

Better yet, this motion refers to instances of extreme misrepresentation of facts or position in the House. Canadians are rightly worried about the New Democrats’ misrepresentation of facts and positions. After all, the NDP is the party that has a $21 billion carbon tax in its policy documents in black and white and yet its members spent the fall denying it here in the House. We will continue to expose the NDP’s $21 billion carbon tax that would raise the price of everything.

Here again is a rough guide to the carbon tax farce.


Joan Crockatt is the new Jonathan Swift

  1. painful irony from the con bench.

  2. Wow…Cons must have a Klingon Mind-sifter to train her that fast!

  3. It’s nice to have somebody different saying the same stuff.
    Really nice.

  4. It must be some kind of oath of indoctrination for all novitiates. They probably showed her the secret handshake right after.

  5. Crockatts credibility lasted how long?

    • I’m not sure she walked in with any.

    • It expired before she became a candidate:

      “former Calgary Herald editor Joan Crockett, for whom the party waived the usual six month limit Conservative Party of Canada membership.

      Whispers from various camps circulated earlier this week that the party was favouring Crockatt by cutting off membership sales on Friday, a date that would put the nomination vote in August instead of the later date this year that a number of candidates were expecting. That would have provided more time for the candidates to sell memberships.”

      Remember, this is the lady that came right out and said she intended to do whatever the PM told her to do. Who, completely explicitly, put her party before her constituents.. and they elected her for it.

      However, what this means for Mr. Wherry, is that whenever he puts her name down, he should then add the “strike” tags around it and put in “the PMO”.. as follows:

      …at least, so said Calgary Centre MP Joan Crockatt The PMO.

      • Bet she has a little yeller dog at home somewhere too.