Joe Comartin vs. Major League Baseball -

Joe Comartin vs. Major League Baseball


Major League Baseball (and Conservative MP Michael Chong) objects to Joe Comartin’s bill on sports betting.

“The legalization of single-event sports betting by any government would increase the chances that persons gambling on games will attempt to influence the outcome of those games,” Paul Beeston, president of the Toronto Blue Jays, told the Senate…

Mr. Beeston said baseball management also fears an erosion of confidence in the game “Losing bettors and fans … may in turn become suspicious of every strikeout or error, and the game’s integrity would be open to question play by play, day after day,” he said. “If large numbers of our fans come to regard baseball only, or even partially, as a gambling vehicle, the very nature of the sport will be altered and harmed.”


Joe Comartin vs. Major League Baseball

  1. Sure, Mr. Beeston, but at least Rogers would have another excuse for the perennial mediocrity of its pathetic team.

  2. Do people actually still watch baseball?

  3. What are the odds that somebody’s going to use this story just to make a cheap gambling pun?

    • Say it ain’t so Gottab……oh nevermind.

  4. The question isn’t whether there will be betting on games, but who will run the book.