John A. could have legally smoked marijuana

But probably he didn’t think to


Over the weekend, the Prime Minister (or his speechwriters) decided to try to use John A. Macdonald to make some kind of point about marijuana.

“Sir John A. spoke to British Columbians about the things that matter, about jobs and prosperity, about a Canada united and strong, about economic growth not grow-ops, about a national dream, not a pipe dream.”

Much as Wilfrid Laurier failed to foresee Canada’s success at the Winter Olympics, it’s probably true that John A. didn’t talk much about smoking marijuana. In fairness, Macdonald died in 1891 and cannabis didn’t become illegal in Canada until 1923 and non-medicinal use of cannabis was basically unheard of in Canada before 1930. During Macdonald’s life, cannabis was used for medicinal purposes, though apparently it fell out of favour in the 1890s.


John A. could have legally smoked marijuana

  1. It even grew wild, and people used it as they used other drugs like cocaine and heroin.

    • Yes, people were using cocaine in their soft drinks….like coca cola.

    • Neither cocaine, or heroin are close to cannabis, nor each other. You might as well compare caffeine to alcohol.

      • People used all manner of drugs then….for a variety of purposes. It is neither new nor scandalous.

        • I never said otherwise. I was only pointing out the cannabis is a mild substance, even compared to alcohol, where cocaine and heroin are extremely harmful and addictive drugs. Though when it comes to heroin, I’m not sure that dug has been around for very long, compared to the others. First their was opium, then morphine and then someone had the bad idea of making morphine more potent, thus heroin.

          • All drugs are useful, and no drug should ever be banned.

          • Then why do you refuse to take your meds?

          • LOL I missed you Rick….and the temps were terrible!

  2. ‘John A. Macdonald could have legally smoked marijuana’

    …and, based on what I’ve read about him, he probably would have if offered the opportunity.

    • Walk a mile in his shoes….

  3. Ah yes, John A. Macdonald, Canada’s fist prime minister to resign over a corruption scandal. Great example for all of us.

  4. Sir John A. had a different mind-altering substance abuse problem.

    • His wife died, his son died, his daughter was never able to walk or talk….and yet he built a country…..

      • You miss the point. If The guy can be PM and be an alcoholic, what’s wrong with a little cannabis?

        • You’re talking to the wrong person.

  5. He might not have smoked marijuana, but his first wife was almost certainly addicted to opium, though, again, it was legal at the time.

  6. MacDonald inebriated himself at every possible opportunity. I find it hard to imagine that he would refuse a puff or two if he were alive in this day and age, given his well-known reputation as a liquor pig.

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