John Baird does not speak for India


During QP this afternoon, the Foreign Affairs Minister concluded his third response to Thomas Mulcair thusly.

What the Leader of the Opposition wants to do is bring in more regulation and a large carbon tax. Let me say, that will be something that would not be welcomed in India or by anywhere else that looks at Canada.

India has a carbon tax.


John Baird does not speak for India

  1. A carbon tax that has raised 25 BILLION rupees.

    (… sorry, had to)

  2. Sorry Mr Baird, India has a carbon tax. I’m sure it was just a verbal gaffe; the difference here is that neither Baird nor his office will acknowledge his error. But why????

  3. Party of Stupid….everytime.

  4. They now lie repeatedly and with utter impunity because there are apparently no negative consequences for doing so.

  5. Former Environment Minister and current Foreign Affairs Minster and he does not know this.
    I wonder if this got to Harper before he drops the evils of carbon taxation in a speech in India. Isn’t the PM of India an esteemed economist?

    • Shhh…don’t ruin the surprise.

    • Yup….Manmohan Singh, a Sikh.

    • Knowing things isn’t his job. Repeating certain phrases over and over again is his job.

  6. John Baird…he’s the Foreign /ex environment minister or something isn’t he?

    How the hell can you expect him to know stuff like that Wherry, you liberal/NDP/Green/ commie shill?

  7. …as opposed to the CPC, who are bringing in more regulation and pretending it has no cost to the consumer…

  8. the speaker belongs in jail. simple as that. this is a farce. frankly, i think it is time the rest of the world intervened. canada’s government has been usurped by a gang or pyschos

    • You’re over the top there bud. But you raise a good point. Just when is this speaker going to start doing his job?

      • I expect that will begin as soon as the CPC is no longer the government. I’m sure he’ll start cracking down then.. you know.. to make up for lost time.

  9. Canada also has multiple taxes on carbon.

    wiki ~ In Canada, motor vehicles are primarily powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. Other energy sources include ethanol, biodiesel, propane, compressed natural gas (CNG), electric batteries charged from an external source, and hydrogen. Canada, like most countries, has excise taxes and other taxes on gasoline, diesel, and other liquid and gas motor fuels (collectively called fuel taxes), and also taxes electricity at various administrative levels. Most provinces and territories in Canada also have taxes on these motor fuels, and somemetropolitan areas such as Montreal, Greater Vancouver, and Victoria impose additional taxes.

    Additionally, Canada’s federal (national) government collects sales tax (GST) across the country, and some provincial governments also collect a provincial sales tax (PST), which may be combined with the GST into a single harmonized sales tax (HST). HST, GST, or GST + PST where applicable, are calculated on the retail price including the excise taxes.

    • You forgot lipstick

      And vaseline.

  10. Is Baird a minister in the government of Canada or is he a servant of the government of India?
    Sorry. silly question.

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