John Baird is consistently saddened by your partisanship


Today, the New Democrats hosted a tour for reporters of their campaign headquarters. John Baird subsequently explained that while other parties were participating in political provocations, his party was interested only in governing.

Four years ago, the Conservatives hosted a tour for reporters of their campaign headquarters. John Baird subsequently explained that while other parties were participating in political provocations, his party was interested only in governing.


John Baird is consistently saddened by your partisanship

  1. Groundhog Day or as I like to call it – purgatory.

  2. The Tories are not in campaign mode Baird says.

    HAH! The Tories are ALWAYS in campaign mode!

  3. In before a right-leaning shill accuses Wherry of shilling for the left – because reprinting quotes that point to the hypocrisy of one politico is the same as supporting his/her opposition.

  4. Aww I was hoping you were gonna be ….


  5. That's too funny! lol..NDP campaign headquarters….lmao….

    Have they put up their Che Guevera posters yet?? I can only assume they've set up a composting pile for their Starbucks cups??..

  6. It's a good thing that Wherry, in a highly partisan way, is able to recognize the high degree of partisanship in others. Afterall, only a partisan hack would be able to so accurately sum up a situation such as this. What next? Warren Kinsella gonna get his own blog on here??

  7. Ezra Levant!!! Tom Flanagan!!!! Stephen Taylor!!!!!

    …oh, I'm sorry, I thought we were just yelling pundit names loudly……

  8. Or Conservatives in action.

    Or Conservatives inaction. Whichever.

  9. The NDP war room has been described as "state of the art", and it's easy to see why:

    the “integrated media wall,” featuring eight flat-screen television sets mounted where staffers can monitor all of the news coverage on the national networks – in both official languages – and even pick up local stations in the regions.

    If mounting eight TVs on a wall wasn't impressive enough, we learn that the TVs can broadcast BOTH official languages! They can even pick up local stations! Clearly, the NDP have some technological masterminds in the back room.

    Mr. Lavigne is quite excited about the newly-renovated space (he has a corner office) and was aided on the tour by the latest in technology – an Apple iPad.

    Holy guacamole! They have iPads??? Could the NDP war room be any more state of the art?

    Mr. Lavigne believes the next campaign will be about “people.”

    Truly, Mr. Lavigne is a genius. This is a huge step up from the last campaign, which was focused on "kitchen tables".

    The environmentally friendly space also features bicycle parking, the city's largest green roof, energy-efficient lighting and construction and furniture made from recycled materials.

    Just when I thought it couldn't be any more impressive, we learn that the NDP war room has a bike rack, plants on the roof, and they use recycled materials and energy efficient light bulbs!!!

    The awesomeness of the NDP war room is guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of Liberals and Conservatives.

  10. They can even pick up local stations!

    It's still not "impressive" necessarily, but I presumed by this line that they mean they can pick up local stations from coast to coast all in the same room. So, one T.V. can show the local Halifax news while another shows the local Kitchener news, etc…

    Again, hardly breathtaking tech in 2011, but still, more than just the ability to pick up the local station of the AREA YOU'RE ACTUALLY IN.

    Otherwise, you're entirely correct in your snark on this. I'd only add that this is no more silly than when the Tories did it.

  11. If I put some plants on the roof and bought a few more TVs and an iPad, maybe I could call my house "The ZestyMordant War Room".

  12. Wait till the microwave for the cafeteria gets there Thursday!

  13. Yes, the microwave has instructions in both official languages as well as a state-of-the-art interface. It can be used to heat food for literally dozens of staffers as they stare in confusion at a cluster of television screens showing eight different local news channels at the same time.

  14. Don't be sorry.

  15. Whens the tour? Will there be snacks? From a 'microwave'?

    Speaking of plants on the roof, one wonders how the Marijuana Party's war room is shaping up.

  16. I hope for their sake that they figure out the control button for volume. 8 state-of-the-art TVs all speaking at once is a bit hard to follow.

  17. Marijuana Party's war room? Get off my back, dude. I'll get around to it. Me and my bro are totally rippin' it up in Call of Duty… right after that I'll get on that party thing… totally. Like, relax bro.

  18. The microwave is already in place. Microwave popcorn for all!

    The tour will take place once I am able to purchase all the TVs and the iPad with my public subsidy. I trust Elections Canada will give me about $2 for each thumbs up. All personal, corporate and union donations to me will receive a 75% refund (from me). Please donate generously!

    Just because I'm buying all these TVs doesn't mean I want the NHL playoffs to happen. But if playoffs occur, I'll be ready.

  19. Baird is just Harper's speech IN ALL CAPS!!!!

  20. Microwave popcorn for all!

    Will there be beer?

  21. It's worse than you think.

    Four of them are 3D.

  22. I think that might be located in Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Their chief strategist is Julian, didn't get his last name.

  23. And spittle. Don't forget the spittle.

  24. Does anyone care what that frothing dog has to say about anything?

    Coz I don't.

  25. That bears looking into.

  26. "On danse la danse du déni de l'évidence
    On danse la danse du déni de l'état d'urgence" – Mes Aieux

  27. You two have missed their secret weapon: The War Room is led by a trio of Chris O'Donnel, LL Cool J, and Linda Hunt.

  28. A pox on all of their houses!!!!

  29. If I were looking to write a graduate thesis in rhetoric or political science, Conservative press releases and public statements would serve as a rich source of material.

    I'm not sure what the name of the rhetorical trick Baird is using is called, but the basic idea is to loudly accuse your opponents of doing the same things that you yourself are doing. It doesn't matter whether the Liberals and NDP are actually focusing on campaigning over governing or not. The hope is to drown out the signal with noise.

    And if neutral observers get disgusted with both parties, or with the political process in general, that's a win for the Conservatives too. If average Canadians don't bother to vote, that means that a larger percentage of the voters will be the motivated Conservative core.

  30. God knows I am Partisan, and every time I hear or see John baird I get more so. Thinking that it may bother him is a very pleasing thought. While John is thinking of governing, (as if lol) I am thinking of ways to prevent him from doing so!

    Down boy! …… Down!

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