John Baird vs. The UN


Late last week, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird seemed to announce that Canada was withdrawing from the UN World Tourism Organization because Robert Mugabe had been appointed to the position of international tourism ambassador by the organization. The UN responded that no such appointment had been made. And today Embassy reports that Canada signalled it would be leaving the organization a year ago and left it two weeks ago.

On May 12, 2011, Canada formally communicated to the UNWTO, in a letter not made public, that it wanted to withdraw its full membership in the agency, according to Sandra Carvao, the UNWTO’s communications chief. It didn’t say why. “According to UNWTO Statutes, withdrawal is effective one year after the formal notice (12 May 2012),” wrote Ms. Carvao in an email to Embassy May 31.

Under that timeline, the agency would have dropped Canada from its membership 18 days before Mr. Baird highlighted Mr. Mugabe’s recognition and said Canada had signalled it wanted to leave the UNWTO, “a decision that will take place later this month.”

Meanwhile, in response to recent criticism of this country, Conservative MP Larry Miller is seeking a review of Canada’s membership in the United Nations.


John Baird vs. The UN

  1. Another stumblebum move by Baird and this govt….and if they seriously seek to take Canada out of the UN they’ll find themselves in the Mother of all Shitstorms.

  2. I would really like to see Canada withdraw from the UN under Harper. He is damaging our international reputation with posturing designed to appeal to specific base groups back domestically. Let’s not have an international presence until we return to a government mature enough to handle it.

  3. Think of all the money we’ll save! Can’t Wait!

  4. The sooner we get out of this Corrupt organization the better if OE and GFMD want to stay in they can pay for it…..

    • If we leave the UN, then YOU’LL pay for it.

  5. Although the calls to withdraw from the UN cannot be considered to be surprising from the people they’re most frequently made by, there are valid reasons to criticize the operation of the UN. It’s hardly an organization that’s beyond reproach.

    • Of course they have problems, every organization does. But we can FIX problems.

      Harder to do when it involves over 200 countries, but it can be done. Not by leaving though.

  6. Rumor has it that the UN has been giving Canada demerit points for gas emissions every time one of our ministers speaks.
    The UN isn’t the be all, end all but it seams counterproductive to pull our voice from what still could be a positive organization.

  7. Threats to leave the UN have to be some of the wackiest (and most revealing) statements to come from CPC members. I remind everyone that the UN is not some hazy organization with no accomplishments to its name. Look up what the following selection of UN agencies do, and then get back to me with a good reason why we should “quit”: UNICEF, UNHCR, WTO, IMF, WHO, IAEA, FAO, ICAO, IMO.

    Sure, there are problems at the UN (the greatest of which is the veto wielded by 5 foot-draggers). But this is not a good reason to scrap the entire system.

    I’m just fed up with the radicalism coming from the Canadian right-wing these days. It goes against all common sense.

  8. Foreign minister Baird today: “We hereby declare war on the world. You have 24 hours to capitulate unconditionally or else… ”

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