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The Conservative backbencher abandons the government’s free speech defence.

“I don’t think there will be any more use of suggestions that a byelection might happen,” said New Brunswick MP John Williamson, one of the Conservatives who had initially defended the phone calls as simple “voter identification.”

Williamson, a former communications director in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office before he entered elected politics, said all parties will continue to conduct phone campaigns to identify potential supporters for future elections. He also said that Conservatives would not call misinformation “free expression.” “Let me put it this way: that was the weakest argument put forward,” Williamson said.


John Williamson Maverick Watch

  1. I asked at the time that story first broke here if there wasn’t a single Conservative who would stand up against this sleaze.

    Better late than never, I suppose.  Also, one is better than none. 

    • You know, I thought that too… but above, he does not repudiate the falsehoods, only that the excuse for them was weak.

      • Oh, God, you’re right!  Meaning we STILL don’t have a single, solitary ONE!

        Remind me if you ever see one of these clowns running for re-election with “integrity” on their campaign literature.  ‘Cause then they’d be liars as well.

      • You will also notice that he presents the excuse using a passive verb, so as to avoid accidentally allocating responsibility for the arguments which were “put forward”. By someone.

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