‘Just wrong on every level’


Bruce Anderson rips the Conservative campaign against Irwin Cotler and Peter Van Loan’s attempt to justify it.

This truly isn’t complicated. If our children tell lies about schoolmates, we punish them not shrug it off. When it happens on the Internet, we call it cyber bullying and bemoan how young people seem to have grown up without decent values. Conservative Christian groups presumably recognize this as something hard to square with the “Golden Rule” … It’s insulting, it’s beneath this government, and I’m sure it is an embarrassment to many good people in the Conservative Party.


‘Just wrong on every level’

  1. Good for him. This really is distasteful and disgusting on so many levels, and there is no excuse for it. Aaron, for once I’m actually glad to see you pursue a story like this.

  2. Operating within the “law” is based on interpretation, and can be volleyed about by lawyers in perpetuity.

    Conducting oneself in the “spirit” of the law requires character.

     Any politician can be a lawyer and employ the weaselly words that blur intent and provide legal justification.

     I want leadership with character.

     Can anyone help me out here?

  3. It should be more than an embarrassment to many good people in the Conservative party when their party states publicly that bullying (telling lies about someone) is just freedom of speech.

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