Justin Trudeau becomes first male politician to publicly acknowledge knees

He would also like to tell you how much money his party has raised


Mr. Trudeau announces that, since he became leader, the party has taken in more than $1 million in fundraising.

Now all the Liberals need to do is maintain that pace for the next two years.

In 2012, the Conservatives raised $17.2 million. In 2011, they raised $22.7 million. In 2010, they raised $17.4 million.

Raising a million every three weeks would give the Liberals $17.3 million over the course of a year.


Justin Trudeau becomes first male politician to publicly acknowledge knees

  1. I find it humorous that Dan Gardner (on sabbatical from Ottawa Citizen to write a book) had for quite some time his twitter icon consisting of a pic of him squatting at the front of his sailboat wearing shorts (not unlike Justin’s as I recall).

    While checking some of his critical tweets this am, I note his twitter icon has recently? changed.

    What does this mean? hmmm.

  2. Oh yeah; one second of knees.

    And with over a million dollars raised, the Liberals are not very kneedy.

    • They knead more dough to make more bread (value added).

      • So Justin’s naughty knees are not a knotty problem.

  3. I get the sense that Justin Trudeau will be a better fundraiser for the Liberal Party than Michael Ignatieff or Stephane Dion. They had an occasional good fundraising period now and then, but people supported them more out of a sense of duty or obligation because that was the name on the ballot at the time. I’ve noticed that both during the Liberal Leadership race as well as since he became leader that Justin Trudeau seems more adept at improving the Liberal Party’s fundraising apparatus.

    It will probably be difficult to overtake the Conservatives anytime soon since they remain the best at bringing in bags of cash, but if Justin can maintain a strong fundraising pace he can remain ahead of the NDP, and that is a good start.

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