Justin Trudeau makes Time’s list of 100 Most Influential People

‘Bold, clear as a bell and progressive,’ Lorne Michaels writes of the Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at the Canada 2020 and the Center for American Progress luncheon gathering in Washington, Friday, March 11, 2016. (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks in Washington, Friday, March 11, 2016. (Manuel Balce Ceneta, AP)

It’s Lorne Michaels who explains why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows up on Time’s list of The 100 Most Influential People.

“In many ways Canada is no longer the country I grew up in, but when I hear Justin Trudeau talk, it sounds like my Canada again,” the Saturday Night Live creator tells Time readers. “Bold, clear as a bell and progressive.”

As defined by Time’s Nancy Gibbs, the Time 100 is a measure of the forces at work in the world. “One way or another they each embody a breakthrough: they broke the rules, broke the record, broke the silence, broke the boundaries to reveal what we’re capable of. They are seekers, with a fearless willingness to be surprised by what they find.”

Writes Michaels: “In politics as in show business, there are three things you need to be successful: talent, discipline and luck. Trudeau clearly has the first two. I wish him luck. I believe he will be a force for good.”

These are the days for Prime Minister, en route to New York today where he will join leaders signing the Paris climate agreement on Earth Day. Earlier this week, Trudeau appeared on the cover of GQ where he was dubbed “The Prime Minister of Suave.”


Justin Trudeau makes Time’s list of 100 Most Influential People

  1. This fascination with Justin Trudeau reminds me of the moment when Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace prize.

    You don’t have to really earn anything, you just have to be sure you are NOT the guy you replaced.

    Obama got a prize….because he wasn’t George Bush. Trudeau gets one, because he isn’t Stephen harper.

    • What prize did Trudeau get? Although I do realize and understand that replacing incompetents like Bush and Harper is not that difficult.

      • The prize for Trudeau was becoming the Prime Minister. Usually someone with his lack of any real qualifications or competencies is stuck being a snow-board instructor….or a part-time substitute drama teacher, or something like that.

        Oh..wait a minute……

        As for incompetents….um, I would have to “sort of” agree about Bush…but Harper was actually quite competent and accomplished. Even his political foes admitted that.

        • The definition of competence is clearly in the eye of the beholder.

          What made Harper so competent and accomplished before he was elected PM?

          Why did you chose to emphasize Trudeau’s stint as teacher as a part-time drama teacher? I understand he was a full-time teacher of subjects like math and French at West Point Grey Academy He also chaired the Katimavik youth program from 2002 to 2006, etc., etc..

        • What political foes admitted that? Competent and accomplished? WTF? Harper was a mail room clerk before he got into politics. At least Trudeau did something that required some skill before politics. The only credit I would give Harper is that he was a good politician. He lied to Canadians for over 9 years until enough of us finally figured him out. If you were a millionaire or billionaire you probably liked him but if you were a veteran, senior or First Nation not so much. Although these people generally don’t have extra cash to donate to the Reformers. He was the worst PM in the history of Canada…a snitch line! get tough on crime! (US proved that didn’t work) These crazy things were def in line with his ideology and appealed to his base. But Canadians are a caring, civil people..unlike Harper.

          • [2nd attempt at a post – apologies if this is a dup]

            Well, to be fair, Harper has a Master’s degree in economics and he was in charge of the National Citizens Coalition at one point.

          • tom wrote:

            “Harper was a mail room clerk before he got into politics. ”

            And I used to work for a moving company schlepping other people’s furniture around. But like most jobs of that nature, it was a stepping stone until you get yourself established, get educated, and then start making some serious $$.

            The fact that Harper actually had to have a job to pay his bills is why he made such a good PM. He understood that money had to be earned, and that once earned, it was better left to the earner to determine its best use.

            Trudeau on the other hand, had everything handed to him on a platter. I don’t begrudge Trudeau his wealth, but it does help explain why it was easier for him to drop out of difficult career paths (his engineering attempt was a flop). He knew he could just find something easier, and that his trust fund would take care of the bills. That is how Trudeau can promise to ‘save the world” with his global warming strategy. he will be using OUR money, to make HIMSELF look good. Simply watch his comments today at the UN. He said, “My signature, is our..bla..blah..blah.” The man’s narcissism knows know bounds. As usual, there is NO AMOUNT OF OTHER PEOPLES’ money he won’t spend in order to make himself look good.

            As for Harper’s intellect, competency, and accomplishments…..if you don’t know what they are/were, then you have simply not been paying attention. If you lack the capacity to recognize it….then it is your failing, not Harpers.

    • The Slobbering Love affair our MSM has for the Dauphine far outweighs anything that the Amerikan Press Drooling and Swooning for their Muslim in the White House….

      • yeh, Obama’s wife and daughters look good in their “Burkkas” eh?

        be serious Joe

  2. Well, to be fair, Harper has a Master’s degree in economics and he was in charge of the National Citizens Coalition at one point.

    • A Masters in economics with a thesis related to political science does not make him an economist. He never practiced as a economist, never published economic studies, etc. So it becomes a very meaningless degree.

      The National Citizens Coalition is very secretive. During Harper’s tenure, he probably managed a budget of less than $2M. The organization never holds general meetings and does not produce financial statements. I would not brag about being in charge of such an organization.

      • That comment went in the wrong place, it was supposed to be in response to the suggestion by someone else that Harper went from high school to a corporation’s mail room to politics.

      • Keeper wrote:
        “A Masters in economics with a thesis related to political science does not make him an economist. He never practiced as a economist, never published economic studies, etc. So it becomes a very meaningless degree.”

        Umm…you are aware that he ran a pretty big economy for about ten years right?

        I also have a background in economics, and one doesn’t need to RUN an economy, to know how it works. You just have to understand fiscal/monetary policy, supply demand, business, etc. Another important aspect of course, is understanding how PEOPLE behave.

        • I actually read Harper’s Masters’ thesis. It is online.
          It is not exactly intellectually stimulating= not does it make any relevant points.
          C- I would assume.

        • Why don’t you compare apples and apples, i.e compare Harper’s experience in January 2006 as he became PM and Trudeau’s experience last October, as he became PM? Otherwise your comparison is meaningless. BTW I have a masters in economics too so I do know what that degree involves plus I actually worked as an economist. The PM has a Minister of Finance and a whole department to manage the Finance portfolio, so he does need detailed knowledge himself.

  3. ‘Bold, clear as a bell and progressive,’

    I agree 100%

  4. You need to get out more. Never has our country been more divided as it is now. Spend some time on the internet and read what Canadians really think about this um, errr, um, errr, duh man. He is despised by Canadians and has only given billions to foreign countries, while millions of Canadians are out of work and our natives live in squalor. We have our own 3rd world country happening right here. Canada is not back. This is not the Canada my ancestors fought for. It is imploding and none of you media seem to care as long as you get to fawn over this air head.

    • But Judy…

      He’s got really nice hair. And he’s on the cover of GQ magazine.

      That is all that matters to his fans.

    • According to the polls most Canadians are happy with Trudeau- he is faring much better than Harper ever did.
      Trudeau is a breath of fresh air- after the divisive government we have had.
      His publicity may be a little over the top- but just a reflection of how tired people were of the ‘other guy”

      Let us try to be positive.

      • Peg,

        Are you really surprised?

        The average Canadian probably knows more about Caitlan Jenner, and the Kardashians than they do about economics or international affairs.

        The teachers of OISE have done their jobs well. We are producing a generation of idiots who know how to text, but don’t know how to balance their own chequebook. (what’s a cheque?)

  5. I wouldn’t take this TIME 100 list too seriously anymore. It used to mean a lot more years ago. When you look at the list today, which includes such ‘influential people’ like Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, then he fits right in.

    • Crazy Canuck: Also keep in mind such notables as Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Thers a potent SNL sketch for you, Donald and Hillary

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