Justin Trudeau vs. Justin Trudeau


Bruce Anderson pans Justin Trudeau’s speech.

The most interesting part of this speech may have come when Mr. Trudeau asked voters last night to trust him, trust him like they would trust a neighbour with their spare key. I don’t know about you, but of my nearest 10 neighbours, there are few I would trust with my spare key, and I trust them because they let me know more about the kind of people they are than Justin Trudeau seemed willing, or perhaps able, to do last night.


Justin Trudeau vs. Justin Trudeau

  1. At that part I found myself thinking “I bet Harper would love to destroy many of the institutions that make Canada the fine country that it is, but if he said he’d pick up my kids from school, he’d probably do it.”

    • True enough. I don’t think Harper’s overqualified to drive my kid’s school bus, but where to drive the country now…that’s an entirely different matter.

      • Harper would crash your kid’s school bus like he does with any sensible person!

        • Nah…but he might make the kids pay for the gas out of their pocket money.

          • No, he’d provide the gas but the kids would have to wear large signs announcing the stimulus.

          • :)


        • He would read their Facebook page before letting them in on the bus, just in case they have had a contact with a Liberal.

  2. I see the media has already picked straws to see who’ll be pro and anti-Justin.

    I’d say the first day is too early to be doing that…. but they’ve already been in hysterics for a couple of weeks.

  3. That’s a little disappointing from someone like Anderson Obviously Trudeau has to at some point pitch some reasons why you might want to think about trusting him. It was an obvious cheap shot really. Something i would expect from Gunter or someone like that. Not a biggie, but is that’s what Bruce thought was the highlight he must have snoozed through the rest of it. I expected more from you Mr reasonable.

    • I agree, and also note that Bruce Anderson has been panning everything JT says or does the past couple of weeks. It was a speech to announce his candidacy, a big picture kind of thing, not a discussion on policy. It was about feel good celebration, and by branding himself as Sophie’s husband and father of those kids, instead of as PET
      and Margaret’s son, he told us something about himself. And when he spoke of his love for Canada, his acceptance by Canadians as he’s travelled throughout his life, etc, he was saying a lot — I just would think that Bruce Anderson was more adept at reading between the lines than he seems to be. Of course, I’m a Liberal who has really been waiting for JT to make his decision, so I may not be the least-biased person around, but as a feel-good, exciting event, hey, I had tears in my eyes a couple of times, and genuinely felt excited about the future — for myself and Canada, and also for LPC.

      • What makes me somewhat hopeful is that JTs team seem to be not playing for the MSM, rather to the country. In a sense it doesn’t matter how snarky folks like Anderson get[ a surprise] and Coyne[ not at all]…Hebert – doesn’t seem to like liberals in the RoC anyway.
        Whether the public pick up their cues from JT, who knows?

        • I think Hebert likes the PQ, Mister! How would she like him anyway?

          • You are confusing provincial and federal political parties.

      • I’m a Liberal too… …but I doubt he’ll win even though I wont him to. By the way, Tom Mulcair’s stronger in Quebec anyways.

  4. Je naime pas votre comment. Je parle Français. Au revoir, M. Wherry!

  5. I’m trying to figure out whether the punditry is lowering expections for Trudeau on purpose or whether they don’t seem to get how that will benefit him?

    That’s exactly how Harper got to power. No one thought he could deliver. Mind you, I don’t believe he did but he sure did benefit from people thinking that Paul Martin was the strongest candidate.

  6. Rule #1: Thou shalt not question or criticize The Justin! Heretics!