Justin Trudeau’s comedy career is off to a rough start

Have you heard the one about Russia’s hockey defeat?


So during his appearance on Tout le Monde en Parle, Justin Trudeau commented on the situation in Ukraine. And in the midst of those comments, he attempted a joke about hockey.

A longer clip is here. The full interview, including further comments from Mr. Trudeau, is here.

Certain members of the Conservative and Liberal sides have been seized with the matter on Twitter and the government sent out Chris Alexander before Question Period to comment in the House foyer (“It shows a deep lack of judgment.”) and the CBC is now reporting that the Ukrainian ambassador would like Mr. Trudeau to apologize.

After QP, Liberal Marc Garneau maintained that “If you look at everything that was said … it is very clear that Mr. Trudeau takes the situation extremely seriously with respect to Ukraine.”

This would seem to have something in common with Mr. Trudeau’s China comment—a weird and rather unnecessary remark—but with the added complication of being about a current situation that involves violence and death (though Mr. Alexander’s claim that this demonstrates a pattern of praising communist dictatorships was a bit odd and unnecessary as well). Possibly this is part of being a different kind of politician, but probably this was not the best idea for a quip regardless.

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Justin Trudeau’s comedy career is off to a rough start

  1. I look forward to the day when the Media stops letting the Conservative Party of Canada set its news agenda.

    • The media has let the CPC dictate the news agenda in the past, but I don’t believe this is one such example. Trudeau took an inappropriately light-hearted approach at the situation in Ukraine, and the media reported on it. Even the Ukrainian ambassador has asked that he apologize.

      • The Ukraine ambassador shouldn’t be in bed with the cons and should keep his nose out of our domestic politics. I never ever seen a foreign ambassador ever taking sides in our country in favor of any political party in Canada, in my life. Has this ever happened before ?

        • Charles de Gaulle comes to mind, but he wasn’t technically a foreign ambassador when he took sides in our country.

          • thank you that imfo. it just goes to show, its a rare thing to happen.

          • Good ONE ! -LoL ya, “D’uh Gaulle” I’m almost completely forgot about that old buzzard. -oops, sry for quip.

        • He’s courting political favour with the Canadian government. Tomorrow he could be seeking asylum.

        • Yes, when someone who’s next in line to lead Canada on the international stage, jokes about Ukrainians dying in the cause of freedom, the Ukrainians (who are the ones dying) should just keep out of it. It has nothing to do with them????
          My, we are following our fantastical leader down the rabbit hole aren’t we?

        • The THIRD place Liberal leader insults the Ukrainians and to you it’s the Conservatives fault?


        • If you are concerned about foreign meddling in Canadian politics….what are your views with regards to the Liberals bringing up a bunch of yanks for their convention?

          • You can’t blame them. The Liberals have finally come to the realization that Canadians don’t support their agenda, or lack there-of. They figured out it was easier to just import “supporters” to give the appearance of having support.

            You want another fun game? Go look at the number of fake Twitter followers he has…. it’s 25%. But I guess it’s a small cost to give the appearance of having grass-roots support.

    • Oy. Trudeau said something stupid. That has nothing to do with the media or the CPC.

      • Meh, my comment was more directed at the media taking their cues from the Conservatives and using the CPC’s line of attacks as legitimate questioning. The Gen. Leslie BS was a very good example of the media not writing their own narrative but letting the Conservatives dishonest narrative direct them.

        I have no problem when the media takes Trudeau to task but I’m getting sick of them using the CPC’s spin and dishonesty as their angle on a story.

    • I look forward to the day when the CBC, amongst others, aren’t the Liberal party’s propaganda wing.

      • So you are looking forward to today?

        • Did they get sold off?


          No change then.

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    • If I’m being honest, I personally really don’t give a rats arse about what’s going on in the Ukraine. I’ve looked at it only very briefly, but currently it seems there’s not much likelihood of any knock-on effects that will touch me.

      That said, I tend to agree that gallows humor is almost never a good idea for a politician. Hopefully, Mr. Trudeau will apologize quickly and take home the lesson that Mr. Ritz never seemed to learn.

      • The fact that you don`t give a rat`s arse about the Ukraine may make you a candidate to work for Trudeau, but you really should study the history of the Ukraine over the past 100 years, even if it may not touch you personally.

        • Why? Seriously. Why? Is spending my time learning the history of Ukraine going to be more useful to me than learning the history of the Congo or Egypt? Or keeping up with the latest developments in communications tech, behavioral studies, or robotics/AI/energy tech?

          We have limited time in our lives. If you want to spend that time on trivia that will never have any real effect on you, that’s entirely your choice. Me, I prefer to spend mine on things that will not only have an effect on me, but that I can affect myself.

          • That you Justin ?

          • Seriously? That’s the best you got?


          • Wait? Don’t you live in Edmonton? How can you NOT care about the Ukraine and be from Edmontonchuk?

          • Let’s ignore the prejudice inherent in your question and skip right to the main problem. I’m in Calgary.

          • Prejudice? Not at all. I lived many years in Edmonton. It is one of my favorite cities and has a very large Ukranian-Canadian population. The endearments Edmontonchuk and garlic-city were not coined by me but they are well known.

      • You admit to being blissfully ignorant of world events.

        You make a fine Liberal supporter.

        • What would Freud say about you…

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        • Meh. I’m also blissfully ignorant of events on Mars, in Peru, and all over the place.

          I’m Canadian. I’m aware of events that take place in and have an effect on Canada. Also, unlike some, I can at least identify my areas of ignorance, and don’t blunder through them thinking I have any clue of what’s really happening.

          • “I’m also blissfully ignorant of events…”

            “I’m Canadian. I’m aware of events that take place in and have an effect on Canada.”

            Obviously, you’re confused and have no clue about anything.

            Especially on how world events affect Canada.

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  3. Harpo told the media to be quiet, to ask only allowable questions or have a photo-op only…..and the media has gone along with this for 8 years. For every Con…MP or cabinet minister.

    The Libs bring out General Leslie or Justin and suddenly the media become attack dogs.

    No wonder Justin didn’t bother with a press conference after the convention.

    • Oh emily, it’s quite the selective memory you have there.

      Go look up ALL the times JT has run away from reporters questions.

      Why has the CBC, home of the left wing love affair, buried this story?

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  4. I guess Justin wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but with a silver foot in this mouth.

  5. Personally, I have a pretty sophomoric sense of humour, with little in the way of boundaries. But at the same time, I tend to gauge my audience before entering the realm of tasteless….the last thing I want to do is genuinely cause pain, because that’s not funny.
    That being said, there are people here who will dismiss it as a harmless joke and those who will condemn it (but did they also defend Gerry Ritz when he made his “death by a thousand cold cuts” crack during the tainted meat scandal?)
    The point is, wisecracks of this nature may seem harmlessly witty, but they are certainly not statesmanlike (people are dying for crissakes) and quite frankly, JT has to know better than to do stupid shit like this.

    • Particularly after the Chinese musings. It’s not like he hasn’t had a shot over the bow about this sort of thing.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • don’t envy him, it’s o.k. to be bilingual, there’s no need to feel intimidated

    • People, take the time and watch the show first.(Tout le monde en parle) I know it’s a French one , but, this thing has been taken out of proportion, by cheap politics run by a low class P.M. To tell you the truth, I don’t want to get to that ” Rob Ford ” attack modl all over again, GROW-UP, pay attention, and don’t just repeat everything you hear. Check first

      • if only the government concentrate on what it’s supposed to do in the first place, they would so busy, that they wouldn’t even have the time for such silly, stuff. How JV.

        • with this era of computers and all that knowledge at our fingertips, you’d think people would be wiser and smarter, rather than just repeat whatever………………….

  6. World: serious: fragile: steady hand: stormy seas. LOL bad.

  7. So, several hours after john g tells us about the latest Trudeau stumble, the Macleans parliamentary reporter decides it would be best not to totally ignore the situation.

    However, I think we are being too harsh on Stumbles. He had just spent the past few days looking pretty and being adored by the bored and lonely red jacketed crowd. Whatever he said all week-end was worth a chuckle. So naturally a little joke about a losing hockey team and dead freedom fighters is bound to slip out.

    I wait in anticipation for the delayed reports on Stumbles` spontaneous and funny remarks about the hilarious situation in Syria. Darfur will just crack us up. North Korean family reunification—-now that has tons of comedic possibilities.

    • Like Cons care about any of that stuff…..

      • More that you lefties, obviously.
        They’re not cracking jokes about it.

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    • Thanks but I’m not taking credit for this one. This one got coverage far and wide all on its own.

      Though I do still have a bone to pick with any journalist that only seem to care about the Conservative reaction when a Liberal does/says something stupid.

      Sometimes guys, the story is “Libs screwed up”. The story is NOT “Conservatives attack Libs for screwing up”. That’s how you report every Conservative scandal – “Conservatives screwed up”. Like you did here in a similar circumstance with the shoe on the other foot. (“You stay classy, Gerry Ritz”). I especially like how you felt the need to update your post 12 freaking times when it was a Conservative making an off colour inappropriate joke.

      When you see a disparity like this Aaron, do you finally begin to understand why I complain here? Where the accusations of bias come from?

      Reporting it the way you do downplays the stupidity of the Lib and tries to write it off as just politicians making partisan attacks. But you know this already right Aaron? That’s the playbook you and others follow every damn time.

      I would have hoped the Ukrainian ambassador weighing in would have toned down some of the partisan reporting but I guess some habits are too deeply ingrained.

      • “…do you finally begin to understand why I complain here? Where the accusations of bias come from?”

        I am pretty sure he is smart enough to recognize paranoid delusions when he sees it.

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  9. By the time Trudeau’s every casual utterance has been parsed by a relentless press gallery and by the suddenly preciously politically correct Con campaign engineers, he’ll be as guarded, defensive, deliberately circumspect, inscrutable, and utterly uninformative as the helmet-haired resident of 24 Sussex he hopes to evict.

    Then everybody can pile on because, like PMSH, he avoids the media, too. There’s no place in Ottawa for political leaders who are refreshingly spontaneous, candid and unscripted.

      • Enjoy your little glass of schadenfreude. There can’t be many other perqs left for Conbots in these desperate times.

        • Yes, 8 years in power, at least 2 more coming. Desperate times.

          What kind of an idiot are you?

          • What kind of idiot am I? Compared to you, given your apparent innumeracy, I’m an idiot savant.

            Or is Stevie planning to break his own fixed election law – again?

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        • As long as JT is at the helm, there will be PLENTY of gaffs to follow.

          The only desperation is with you lefties realizing you chose, wrongly.

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      • Personally, there is a difference to me in these two events. First, the listeriosis event was here in Canada.

        Second, and more important, the man joking about the listeriosis event was the same guy who was supposed to be fixing the problem. You don’t think that matters?

        • And the real diff. for you is the fact that Ritz is Conservative and Stumbles is Libral.

          • No, the real diff is exactly what I said it was, liar.

    • “…Trudeau’s every casual utterance…”?

      So what are you saying?
      The media should ignore what JT says?

      Good plan!

      Why don’t you look up ALL the times he’s run away from reporters?
      Or can’t you stand the hypocrisy?

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          You obviously don’t understand what hypocrisy is.

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      • So what are you saying?
        The media should ignore what JT says?

        No, that’s not what I’m am saying. Don’t be absurd.

        • So what absurd thing are you saying?

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    • The Progressives went activist on them, and wanted something more positive, so we are all special.

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  11. He didn’t have to make a joke which involved recent political mass murder. But when you’ve been living in a freakish bubble since you were a child in which every utterance is praised…coming as it does from a “Trudeau”….the young oddity sees no dangerous political ground on making such a cruel tone deaf remark.
    I suspect our oddity is frankly dismayed that we aren’t all jockeying to be noticeably laughing at his highness’ comical genius.
    In the real world it is just weirdly out of touch. To those defenders in the media attempting to downplay this: this is from one who seeks to represent the interests of every man woman and child on the international stage. The delicate trade deals, the solemn treaties all materially effect us. The world won’t be as forgiving at these immature attempts to be “edgy”. What the Toronto Star will overlook with a wink every time, will bring outrage from those affected in the real world – such as the Ukrainian ambassador.

  12. I say we continue to attack the Ukrainians for daring to not think that their dying in the cause of freedom is funny. Onward. All of us. Down the rabbit hole with Justin!

    • I’m going to be a good Tory and take that literally. What other people do you want to kill charles because they don’t share your humour? Why do you find that funny leftist?

    • Why not continue to lie about the fact the joke was at the expense of Putin, not Ukranians.And why not strip out all the context, such as the fact it was taped before it got really ugly? How do you look yourself in the mirror each day, knowing you lie for a lliving Biffer?

  13. And my word, the day after his supposed triumphant convention, Justin is in hiding…nowhere to be found around Parliament. Is it because:
    a) he’s at home pouting that people don’t think his mass murder jokes are funny,
    b) his handlers have decided it’s best to keep him safely locked up until after election day,
    c) he’s out fleecing the Greater Montreal Downs Syndrome Charitable Foundation, charging ten grand for the privilege of having Justin regale them with murder faux pas (starting with that oldie: the misunderstood Jihadist Boston Bombers) or
    d) all of the above?

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      • The word is “too”, not “to”, brian.

        Typical uneducated lefty shill.

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            The name isn’t capitalized, as a sign of contempt, brian.

            Wow, you really need to take an ESL class.

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    • Perhaps he went back country skiing in Kokanee Glacier Park, B.C?

      • Sure, dig up ghosts…

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        • WOW! What a zinger! I’m just preparing for the day when JT is PM and we all can be classy like him! Perhaps for an encore, he can throw out a few rib ticklers about the situations in Syria or North Korea!

          • Oh joe. Keep trying. Maybe one day a conservative might be funny

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            Or classy.
            Or intelligent.

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  14. Shameful, Have you heard the one about a 800 pound right wing gorilla walks into a eastern Nation and everybody dies.

    • How about the one about the left wing government that enacted the War Measures act?

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    • How about the one where the US finances the uprising?

  15. A lot more outrage by the MSM about the ” cancer” comment by Lisa Raitt but with the adoration the MSM has for Trudeau they have as much credibility as a Bieber groupie defending his recent actions.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • now that’s a REAL story, not made up stuff of a smear attack, what’s next?

      • Like the money you get every month on your welfare cheque is your money

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          • The only thing you work on is abusing children you pile oif vomit!

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          • Dance monkey, dance!!

          • Sure cooter. You’re doing a fine job of dancing

          • Polly want a cracker?

  16. Seriously would we have any of this “goofy stuff” if Garneau or Hall Findley were in charge.

    • But seriously folks… Trudeau, Garneau and Hall Finley walk into a Burger King…

      • One job that you have ever had welfare sucking, worthless to society waste of breath

        • That’s not a very nice thing to say. I was the top prep cook for Burger King for the prairies from 1998-2012.

          • Same years you were living on welfare

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.


    • Everyone needs to know that this account was stolen by an NDP hacker, who is using it to make conservatives look stupid.

      • Everyone needs to know you’re a gutless liar

        • This comment was deleted.

          • Liar you’re Luka Magnotta’s boyfriend

          • This comment was deleted.

          • LOL!!!

            Dance monkey, dance!

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Trolling STILL, brian?

  17. I am always amazed at how a modern political party’s propaganda/spin machine can take something as trivial as this and pump it right up to the CTV and CBC National News.

  18. Yet another Trudeau moment illustrating that he is in over his head.
    When you can ‘dress him up but cant take him out’ Trudeau is not PM material, and there is no fixing that.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Dance monkey, dance!


        • It’s funny you keep saying that yet you keep replying cooter

          • You’re not funny.

            More sad and embarrassing….

  19. Jeez AW you might at least mention the fact the joke, be it in poor taste or not, was taped before the violence got seriously under way. An update perhaps? This would rather change the context, no?
    What is truly sad is to see an ex diplomat turn himself into a pathetic partisan robot. I guess that’s what this version of the CPC specializes in… turning human beings into seals.

    • its funny seeing ppl like you stand up to him, even when hes made such a stupid comment such as this ahhahahahahah

      • Even funnier is seeing guys like you fail to take full context into account before you pass judgement. Or know the difference between excusing something and merely trying to understand something. Of course the latter does require a degree of open mindedness you simply aren’t willing to even attempt, leave alone attain.

        • i smell a Trudeau TROLLLLL

          • Good for you. Maybe you can now graduate to learning how to spell one?

          • ahhh when you have noting intelligent to say, attack spelling!! i clearly did that on purpose

          • LOL…and your original comment was an attack at all was it?
            Don’t play this game if you’re going to whine.

          • your completely correct. never argue with stupid, they will beat you with experience.

            i failed to adhere to my own principles

  20. CPC = Constant Pearl Clutchers

  21. This “scandal” is typical of the linguistic incompetence of the English-Canadian media and politicos, the same guys who translate the French word “chiffon” to “rag” in English.

    At least the Russian ambassador gets it. He knows who Trudeau was making fun of – not the Ukrainians, but the historically trigger-happy Russians:

    “On Tuesday morning in Ottawa, Russia’s ambassador to Canada, Georgily Mamedov, warned at a news conference that people shouldn’t indulge in rumours about possible Russian intervention in Ukraine. He also said that there would be no Russian troops in Ukraine. As he began to answer reporters’ questions, Mamedov said, “I’m turning serious, because I know you don’t appreciate jokes.” (CBC)
    I hope the ambassador doesn’t have to eat his words.

  22. he makes a better comedian than politician