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Justin’s first legislation


This is possibly more interesting than his detractors might have expected.

He grew up as a child of privilege, living at some of the most prestigious addresses in the country and attending some of the best schools.

However, from the very start, Justin Trudeau also was taught the importance of volunteering and serving the community.

Today, those thoughts will be at the forefront when Trudeau rises in the House of Commons to table his first motion as a member of Parliament, a motion that will call for a new national youth service policy and a new national youth service organization.

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Justin’s first legislation

  1. Yeah, Justin. Let’s call it the Company of Young Canadians. Gad, will the media worship of this empty suit never end?

    • Suit’s not empty if there’s a motion in one of the pockets.

  2. I’m a card-carrying detractor of JT, but I actually like this idea, on the face of things. Interning or volunteering overseas – or even in more depressed parts of Canada – can be an extremely valuable experience, and would give the youth of this country, most living (even in the current economic context) in the relative lap of luxury, at least some opportunity to develop a sense of perspective. Obviously, devils in the details, but it could be a good thing.

    • I’m a card-carrying detractor of JT

      You do contain multitudes, don’t you? Seriously, I don’t get this categorical denunciation of Justin Trudeau, except to see it as a way of getting back at his dead father. Honestly, he just has not been that relevant to merit such scorn.

      • I agree. JT is just beginning his Parliamentary career – it’s far too early to dismiss him as a lightweight. His many critics should give him a chance to prove himself.

      • You misunderstand. The card gets him discounts around town and helps accumulate Air Miles.

    • I’m a card-carrying detractor of JT

      What? not a Justin Timberlake fan?

  3. a motion that will call for a new national youth service policy and a new national youth service organization.

    Compulsory military service? Dare I hope?

  4. Way to go Justin : it’s good to see him pick a task and try to get something done that’s well worth it. I am watching the kid who knows in a few years the HOC might get even more interesting. I am waiting to see if in another term or two he starts to move up through the ranks and as to whether or not any of the old school ties will come out to help.

  5. Amazing how people can hate someone because they were born into privilege – which was not of their making.

    Green eyed monsters all over the place it seems.

  6. Trudeau chaired Katimavik for awhile, didn’t he? This seems like a good way for him to give himself the opportunity to talk about something he (presumably) knows.

  7. There are huge problems with voter apathy in the 18-25 crowd, probably because Parliament tends to talk about youth only in terms of incarceration. Am all for emphasis on prevention over punishment.

    Plus, this is something Trudeau is passionate about. It’s nice to see a politician engaged in something that isn’t hyper-partisan and self serving.