Laissez-faire food


Sarah Schmidt reviews the last few years of rejection at the Health department.

Aglukkaq’s office confirmed this week that the recommendations have been rejected … Aglukkaq prematurely disbanded her much-touted expert panel on sodium in December 2010 … Aglukkaq immediately shot down the idea and defended the way companies label their food products … After sitting on the report for over a year, Aglukkaq finally announced she was rejecting the advice … Five years after unveiling a proposal to end consumer confusion over “whole wheat” claims on bread products, Health Canada confirmed earlier this year it has no plans to change the food-labelling rule.


Laissez-faire food

  1. Just to review how things work in the Conservative Government … The Minister gets her advice from the PMO not from her department and the PMO doesn’t listen to any advice so here we are.

    • Salt’s not that bad for you. Its actually what enables osmosis to occur. Without salt or cells don’t have any energy. For this reason its actually worse for your health to be on a low sodium than a high sodium diet.

  2. and she spent a grant of 3 million bucks in january 2011, to put the govt’s advertisement of pictures on cigarettes’s packs, now the tobacco companies are suing her and her enturage, for using their products to do their publicity, which covers 3/4 of the products, and i don’t blame them, because how would the gov.t feel, if i advertised my business on their products, There is a cig. brand that, used the logo ” perservative free”, on their packs, so, one day when my relative noticed that this particular logo was no longer there (that is before the big ugly picture thing), she phoned the tobacco co. and asked why they did what they did, and the co. said that the gov’t required them to add an agent to their tobacco, so the product could no longer be labelled “preservative free”.