Last night in Toronto -

Last night in Toronto

The by-election debate in Toronto-Centre


CPAC has posted video of last night’s by-election debate in Toronto-Centre, featuring the scruffy charm of a riding debate, some incessant ranting about the need for proportional representation and the fascinating competition between Chrystia Freeland and Linda McQuaig. Ms. McQuaig seems more comfortable in this setting and was certainly the more aggressive of the two and the last question of the debate goes directly at Ms. Freeland’s history of residence. Ms. Freeland was also hit yesterday with an exploration of her time as a manager.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair campaign in Brandon-Souris amid speculation about where that vote is going.


Last night in Toronto

  1. While you can’t blame anyone for abandoning the dump that is Toronto, you can blame them for being an unethical, corporate slimeball. AKA a typical member of the LPC.

    • You shouldn’t be ragging Toronto for its ugly Mayor. Toronto is still one of the greatest cities in the world, and im not from Toronto, but I have a lot of respect for the city. Its a classy city.

      • It’s just your opinion. It’s personal, and good for you to think that TO is one of the greatest cities of the world. Many people think otherwise and that is ok, too.

        • Speaking of opinions

  2. I thought Miss McQuaig was a little too loud and aggressive with her voice, and hands last night. I thought she was going to tear the arms off Miss Freeland from grabbing on to her so much. She(LM)needs to brush up on her debate skills. anybody thought LM had a winner last night, they must of had their eyes closed and ears covered..

  3. The CP article was a disgusting example of journalism and showed extreme bias against Ms. Freeland and Liberals. Its sad to see a media outlet shrill so obviously for the NDP and Conservatives.

    I also have to disagree with the analysis of the debate, McQuaig came across as incoherent and rambling. If anyone deserves a shout out, it has to go to the CPC candidate, he was hilarious!

    • You are surprised that a news service would take Ms. Freeland to task for acting as a henchman at Reuters and assisting in outsourcing news jobs to India? Why? Many journalists must find her concern for the middle class in Canada pretty hypocritical given that she actively participated in the shrinkage of positions available in their industry. The Liberal Party is only involved because JT decided to recruit her to run under his banner.

      • She’s only a hypocrite if it turns out she has no new ideas about how to grow the M/C.Freeland has never claimed that globalization should be reversed. Admittedly she seems to have been a cold sort of boss, not one i would probably have liked. But calling her a henchman when the story doesn’t bare that out is silly. Leave that kind of loaded language to the ndp partisans.

        • I believe henchman is fitting for a manager who is sent in to fire 22 journalists and outsource their jobs to India so she can make more money and advance her own career. She is a hypocrite because she pretends to empathize with the middle class who are being out-sourced by unfeeling corporate types when she herself is in fact one of those unfeeling corporate types. What I cannot understand is that people actually pretend that she had no choice in the matter as though climbing the corporate ladder by disposing of your colleagues and outsourcing their jobs is the only way to be successful and happy in life. I wonder if people feel that way about the owners of the Heinz corporation that just announced the layoff of over 700 Canadians. To keep Mr. Buffet happy, they had no choice…..

          • What you say may in fact be true [although not all of the evidence presented here supports that view] or it may not ; but what you’re doing is making assertions on someone’s character based on nothing more then your vague opinion. Your opinion of her character is just that, your opinion. You present them as if they were established fact – they aren’t.

          • It wasn’t “my vague opinion” but rather the opinion of the people who worked under Ms. Freeland at Reuters and are now speaking out about her treatment of them.

          • Ok, but it is still just their opinion [ it might even have been mine if i was in their position]it isn’t established fact, there is another side to the story that’s hinted at here too.

          • Yeah, I’m sure Ms. Freeland just woke up one morning and was like “you know, i want more money so i’m gong to fire a bunch of people today”

            I’m sure it had nothing to do with the global decline in newsrooms and media in general.

            Just yesterday the Toronto Star outsourced a whole slew of jobs, I guess they just wanted to line their own pockets and it had nothing to do with being able to keep their business alive.

          • Ms. Freeland as a manager at Reuters was quite likely given the task of downsizing the Toronto news desk and she did the job efficiently by firing 22 Canadian journalists and outsourcing their positions to India. Good for Ms. Freeland, she pleased her US based employer. To later run in Toronto as a champion for the middle class, is a bit of a stretch, however. For you to call journalists “biased” for reporting her actions in firing and outsourcing jobs previously held by the Canadian middle class is just ridiculous. Further, if someone from the Toronto Star who is outsourcing jobs is planning to run as a champion of Canada’s middle class, I guess we will want to know about that as well.

          • You know who else has recently been criticized in a campaign due to their out-sourcing? Mitt Romney.

          • Yeah but he was in a drunken stupor and had plenty to eat at home

          • Say what?

        • She’s not a hypocrite in any sense. In your desire to appear ‘objective’ you come across as trying too hard and making logical mistakes to get there.

          • You are mistaken. I did not say she was a hypocrite at all. The only way i can see Freeland owning the label is if she can be proven to have explicitly favoured or championed this outsouring, and with credible evidence. Particularly as she is now saying she favours m/c growth.[ no such evidence has been produced]Or if she has nothing new to say at all on M/C growth.
            All we see here is a possible case of hypocrisy hyped up by the other team ndp…what a shocker! Some folks here might want to look beyond the seemingly obvious.
            The onus is on the ndp to make the case. This is not evidence, it’s just hearsay as it stands now.

      • What a bunch a crap. To sit there and pretend that the media is not going through a seismic change globally is dishonest and ignorant.

        But good to know that you believe that anyone who has had to participate in the downsizing their company is not allowed to talk about the middle class. That is the type of logic that deserves to be laughed at and has no place in a decent and progressive society.

        • If you think Ms. Freeland’s active participation in assisting with the “downsizing” of Reuters is of no consequence, then why the attempt to suppress the open discussion of her actions? You are the one who accused CP of a “disgusting example of journalism and bias against Ms. Freeland.” Further, you admonished kcm2 for “too hard in his argument” and now you are saying I should be “laughed at and ignored” because my “logic has no place in a decent and progressive society.” If Ms. Freeland’s experience as a corporate henchman is so unexceptional given her re-birth as a champion of the middle class, then why pay any attention to it at all?

    • BREAKING NEWS: Journalists are biased; might twist events when reporting on them.
      (Or perhaps you’re concerned that it was so obviously shilling for the NDP? Would you prefer more discrete shilling?)

  4. Thank you, Aaron, for posting the link to the debate. I will start watching it now,

  5. Strange how Wherry does not mention all of the candidates participating, but here she goes:

    Deverell: A utopian extraordinair ane completely void of understanding the meaning of constituencies.

    Freeland: Innocent personality, but very likable. I now understand why the LPC would want to keep the scandal focus on the PMO rather than on the senate. (btw: Freeland does not agree with Justin on the topic of senate change)

    McQuaig: Funny how she has already convicted the members of the PMO and the PM before the official investigations have been concluded, and furthermore, she is blatantly disregarding common sense at every turn she takes.

    Pollock: reserved and to the point. Pleasing personality.

    Note: good to hear that Freeland and McQuaig find it a necessity to be a TEAM player when sitting in caucus. So according to them, men like Rathgeber are not considered heroes after all.

    Insightful. So much hypocrisy on display. It was clear though in his straightforward answers that Pollock was the LEAST hypocritical in his answers. I think that should please many!

  6. always enjoy your postings Aaron!

    My concern is about the election polls that are used by news sources. A recent poll done for Brandon-Souris is a perfect example.

    from The Quill, University of Brandon newspaper –

    “The Forum Research poll released on November 6th revealed that Dinsdale (Liberal) is leading with 40 percent of public support, followed by Maguire (Conservative) with 35 percent, Szczepanski (NDP) with 10 percent, Neufeld (Green) with 9 percent, and Another party (Godon) at 6 percent.

    The poll is intrinsically flawed, however, as it does not properly represent the true population of the Brandon-Souris riding. People over 65 years of age represent 211 of the 487 individuals polled, followed by 120 people between 55 to 64 years of age.

    According to the 2011 Canadian Census, the median age in Manitoba was 38.4. People over 65 years of age represent only 14.3 percent. The polling is disproportionate to the actual population, as 43 percent of the population is not over 65-years-old and 68 percent of the riding’s population is not over 55 years of age.”

  7. Freeland is campaigning door-to-door in Toronto-Centre with
    long-time homophobe Liberal MP John McKay from the suburbs who recently contributed to a book called “Divoricing Marraige” (
    an anti-gay-marriage diatribe. This is proof that Freeland, a
    parachute candidate, has precious little idea where she is or what is
    going on.

  8. Given that the former MP for this riding, Bob Rae, is now on the Advisory Board of Fair Vote Canada, you’d think he would advise himself to endorse Linda McQuaig.