Leading by example


The Prime Minister raised the issue of MP pensions in his interview with the CBC earlier this week, but, as the Finance Minister has noted, it is beyond the official purview of the government. Today the Globe reports that support for the reforms will come from the Conservative caucus. Tony Clement meanwhile muses of leading by example.

“I think you’ve got to be fair to the employee [the MP] but you also have to be fair to the taxpayer,” he told CTV’s Don Martin. “We are very cognizant of that.”

He added that no decisions have been made and that already the government is leading by example as MP and cabinet-minister salaries have been frozen this year. MPs earn $157,000 a year; cabinet ministers make $233,247 and the Prime Minister earns $315,000.

Granted, whatever they are paid, those cabinet ministers presently comprise the second-largest ministry and second-largest cabinet in history—the minister now seven larger and the cabinet now 12 larger than the groups Mr. Harper presented upon first taking office. Back then, one of Mr. Harper’s advisors enthused that reducing the cabinet from 39 (as it was under Paul Martin) to 27 would save $15 to $20 million per year. Presumably, reducing it from 39 (as it now is under Mr. Harper) to 27 would save roughly the same amount now.


Leading by example

  1. One would be glad of enlightenment.  Is the reason for the large number of cabinet posts over the past two or three governments reflecting the requirements of modern governance? or is it pork?

  2. At least they are talking about it – come on, you can do it!  You will score such huge political points if you follow through!!

    • I agree…start by shoving Tony out the door with maybe a nice little maintenance contract for gazebos in Muskoka – that should keep him busy and save us a lot of grief.

      • Awe come on, he promised to never do it again  :-)

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