Lede of the year


David Akin produces an early contender.

In Richmond, B.C., senior citizens are getting $18,500 from the federal government to hold a few “intergenerational” movie nights.

Granted, the most interesting finding may come at paragraph 12.


Lede of the year

  1. Para 12: The government has announced 32 grants for seniors’ groups since Feb. 17, and only one went to an organization located in a riding not held by a Conservative MP.
    Have a look at “Proportion of Building Canada Fund projects in Conservative ridings”

  2. No, the more interesting finding is in paragraph 18. Reading between the lines that 5000 of these projects have been funded over several years, and 60% have gone to opposition-held ridings, one might assume that this is one of those boondoggles that the Liberals put into place.

  3. Nice try No. 6. We’re not talking ancient history here, just current boondoggles. Or have you been consumed by the giant bouncing orb (otherwise known as ‘Harper’)?

  4. NOW will people agree that it is insane to hand over so much tinkering in the economy to a wasteful, pork-laden, corruption-encouraged government? EVERY party in power makes a mess of things. You minimize the mess by minimizing government! How oh how many lessons will it take to sink in?

    • But surely, MYL, actual porkbarreling (like this) and government programs are two different things, even if you’re against them both. Anyway, I thought you were against government on principle, not because of political spending.

  5. actual porkbarreling (like this) and government programs are two different things

    Government programs are an invitation to porkbarreling. You minimize the latter by minimizing the former, and freedom wins.

    And this would be, I don’t know, the fourteenth time you label me an anarchist in the last year. Please refrain.

      • What, we here on this blog aren’t your friends?

        • Oh, pardon me, of course you are. So, only 14 times to my friends & enemies here, about 37 times elsewhere, though unfortunately I have no off-line enemies. Off-line folk are much more receptive to the idea of you as an anarchist, however, so in terms of impact those 37 times have been far more effective, label-wise.

          • By “family” are you referring to your brother? Have you been discussing myl with him?

          • Alas, he’s been on holiday in Mexico. Alas, I have not.

    • Did Jack do that? Or did he mean Libertarian?

      Libertarians are to anarchists as nudists are to naked people.They’re just middle class and organized so they appear less crazy.

      — hat tip to chaospark

      • Interesting! Do nudists take offense at being labeled “The Naked Ones” vel sim.?

  6. But none of this porkbarrelling to Conservative-only ridings should in anyway be considered when considering, nor does it have any relation to, whether a modicum of accountability is necessary or advisable with Harper’s $3 billion slush fund. Separate issues altogether. Yup.

  7. That’s why the major stimuli should have been Employment Insurance increases and eligibility extensions, CAP increases (supporting provincial social assistance) and GST rebates (instead of GST reductions or build a deck credits). Distribution infrastructure already in place/more efficient, able to spend the money quickly, better able to target to people who will spend locally (not save it).

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