Liberals announce plan to save on Rideau moving costs -

Liberals announce plan to save on Rideau moving costs


Michael Ignatieff is recommending that Michaelle Jean be allowed to stay beyond the five-year mark. He’s summoned reporters to Parliament Hill for 1:15pm, seemingly to discuss this.

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Liberals announce plan to save on Rideau moving costs

  1. This man has no idea what he is doing. The extension and/or appointment of a new GG is the prorogative of the PM. Full stop. To think that he needs to call a press conference to endorse an extensions shows how out of touch with reality Iffy really is. Canadians will once again look at him and say uh? I suspect the press gallery will show with due reverence and spout his every silly word.

  2. Hello there – it's supposed to be a free country and freedom of speech and if he wishes to say something, it's his right.

    A lot of Canadians like her – get over it.

  3. Of course he is free to say anything he wants. Just as I am. Thats why his poll numbers stink. A good politician knows when to stay silent and then there is Iffy who doesn't have a clue.
    I did not offer any comment on Jean's performance as GG. I think she did a good job. However, it is not Iffy's place to really be saying one way or the other what the PM should do. What's his point?

  4. Yes, just who the hell does the Leader of the Opposition think he is, going around opposing the Prime Minister and offering alternative courses of action?!

    The nerve!!

  5. Conicidentally just the other day, a woman in my office was fretting about her position being terminated (and the effect this would have on her children in particular), and she was cut off by another member of the discussion, who pointed out that there were more important things the woman should be worried about….like the extensions of the positions of highly paid political appointees.

  6. I'm sorry, but did you bother to read the article? The story clearly states that Harper asked the Canadian secretary to the Queen to ask Ignatieff for possible candidates. This is the system at work. Put differently, Harper himself thinks that Ignatieff's "place" is to suggest a candidate. And he's done that as requested.

  7. By holding a press conference? Couldn't a phone call suffice?

  8. In a minority government, anything goes. The Prime Minister does not have a full mandate from the people of Canada so I find it's appropriate that we also hear what the Leader of the Opposition thinks. I'm assuming that is why the Canadian secretary to the Queen consulted him about it?

  9. Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't he know his place :-) Have a great day.

  10. I am sure you said the same thing about Jean Chretien when he had a majority with only 39% support. Let's not get into that silly logic. He is the Prime minister of Canada whether you like it or not. So Iffy thinks that Jean's mandate should be extended. Now that you know that I am sure your life is complete and our democracy has been restored from the "evil" Mr. Harper.

  11. This is why Canadians don't much like him. He doesn't seem to understand that sometimes there is a time to make statements. Other times it best to remain silent. However, he doesn't know the difference because he is not a real politician.

  12. Oh Chet, proving once again that conservativism and comedy just don't mix.

  13. You seem to be confusing my desire to make a point via sarcasm and ridicule with a desire to be funny. Though Iggy is laughable so I don't discourage others from chuckling, should the mood strike them.

  14. No he hasn't. His response has not been another candidate as was surely the intention of any request made of him. His response was a gimmicky, out of touch, gotcha response, because a simple answer to a simple question just wouldn't have done the trick of putting Iggy in the spotlight. I guess when you're desperate, any attention, no matter how bad, is better than no attention at all – though I suspect some political strategists would probably disaggree with this approach.

  15. Helpful Hint – sarcasm works best when it's funny, otherwise you just sound like a db.

  16. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Harper actually listens to this bit of good advice from Mr. Ignatieff or chooses to ignore it for the sake of partisan political posturing.

  17. Name calling is pretty funny in some circles. Usually with the under 16 crowd, or the…ahem, tolerant progressive left. On that note I see your already a plus one with your cohort.

  18. Whoops, meant to say "shouldn't have requested….."


  19. Damn Ignatieff! What if polls found that the majority of Canadians agreed with extending Jean's tenure?
    Why can't Ignatieff be more like Stephen Harper, judiciously governing on principle – polls be damned!

  20. The Canadian secretary of the Queen asked the leader of the Queen's Loyal Opposition who he would like to see assume the position of Governor General… at the Prime Minister's request.

    Since the article clearly states Iggy's position, I'm fairly sure the "phone call" already happened or he's at least discussed his position with those parties before his press conference. He probably called the conference because he wanted to clarify his position publicly before it gets distorted by second-hand hearsay.

    So, he has every justification to voice his opinion after he's been asked for it.

    Or are we just shocked when public officials state things publicly?

  21. Look at Andrew Coynes opinion piece on McLeans. He thinks it is a very bad idea to make the appointment of the next GG a political issue.

  22. What kind of a comment is that? Andrew Coyne is a respected political pundit who has opinions, some of which I even agree with. But just because that individual happens to agree with you in this instance, it isn't "proof" your opinion is the right one. Or are you now going to follow all of Coyne's opinions since he has proved his astute mind to you? Because I'd like to turn your attention to some of his opinions on the Conservative Party.

  23. Hey all I am saying is that I am not the only one questioning Iffy's judgement. What he wants to do by going public is to create more wedge politics or dare I say a culture war. So maybe just maybe Graves the Liberal pollster has really given Iffy the advice that he so admantly denies giving him.
    Like every columnist in the country we have a right to agree or disagree. I am sure your favourite columnist is Jim Travers of the Red Star.

  24. Explain to me why giving Harper further license to ignore convention is a good thing?

    Also, when Harper proceeds to choose someone unpopular with all but his own base, he can correctly state that the opposition declined to provide an alternate name, and that many would be taking him to task for bending the rules if he extended Jean's tenure.

  25. You know, the minute you type the word "Iffy" instead of "Ignatieff" you cede the intellectual highground.

  26. The key word above is majority. And Chretien had one "whether you like it or not.". And Harper's not 'evil', just ultra vires and out of his depth.

  27. Ya, I look at Andrew Coyne and other "opinion" writers – but I do decide for myself. It's the grown up thing to do.

  28. I'm sorry, holinm, but that isn't what you were doing. It would be a pretty stupid thing to do since you aren't the only one on this thread questioning "Iffy's" judgement. I'm prepared to assume you didn't do it on intentionally, but you most certainly did hold Andrew Coyne's opinion up as proof that your opinion was the correct one.

    And this is an interesting thing, here. I don't even pay enough attention to the various columnists to have a favourite one. I probably do agree with one columnist more than others, but I just don't know who that might be. I agree with lots of people lots of the time, and I disagree with lots of people lots of the time, too. But whatever they say insofar as straight opinion, they won't change mine. Please note that is different than giving me information I was unaware of, or connecting dots I had not previously connected. That can change my mind.

  29. Explain to me how an Ignatieff press conference gives Harper further license to ignore convention?

  30. I suppose I should disclose at this point that I personally don't agree with Ignatieff on this issue, in spite of being a Liberal. I love Michaele Jean, but I see no reason to extend her appointment.

    That is not to say I see this as a 'wedge' issue or anything else. Ignatieff (and a lot of other people) are of the opinion that since she has done a marvellous job (I agree with that) she 'deserves' to continue doing it. That's the part I don't agree with.

    And see what I did there? :)

  31. License from the leader of the official opposition. By asking Harper to extend Jean's tenure, Iggy's suggesting that Harper ignore convention in this instance (which would be to appoint a new GG). Which is all fine and well, but it tends to make it harder to argue that proroguations of convenience – for one example – are wrong and fly against normal practices.

    If anyone needs to be encouraged to respect the conventions and traditions of parliament, it's Harper. So in terms of the greater democratic good, dumb for Iggy to suggest otherwise when there's no necessary reason to do so.

  32. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

  33. The election campaign is on. Game on, people!!

  34. Finger on the pulse of the nation, that Iggy has.

    I mean, what does the average working Canadian care most about? Why, the tenure periods of our cermonial appointees.

    It's good that he's summoning reporters for this, lest this grave (and brave) political decision goes unrecognized by the masses.

  35. If a phone call to the GG was good enough for prorogation, it should be good enough here too

  36. That's your opinion – so even and unbiased and all (choke, cough).

    Go to the other media sites and articles like you do day in day and day out and spew your nonsense.

    If Harper didn't want ignatieff's opinion, he should have requested it. I'd say Ignatieff is being transparent, something the Cons forgot all about.

  37. Not content to stay at the "sounding like" level huh?